Greed Of A Nation

Greed Of A Nation

When our mothers pray,

They’d say:

DEAR LORD! Let my child be ten times better than his peers.

The mothers of the peers too,

Shall say in their secret chambers:

LORD, Let it be my child(ren), who would supersede in everything.

Our mothers and the other mothers, still in their secret huts, shall sincerely conclude:

LORD, let my child(ren)’s mates also excel, but let MINE be far ahead.


When we pray,

We gesticulate energetically to convey our message to the divine head as we say:

LORD GOD OF HEAVEN! Let our mates and seniors serve us in future. For you did it for Joseph in his time, and you wouldn’t need to sweat about it now.

Even the most incapable ones amongst us shall also raise their voices quietly;

It is we, oh LORD! Who you shall choose to lead this generation.


We think that being faithful to our worship,

Would bring our praying lips directly to God’s ears.

We assume that living holy, would earn us mercy and grace.

And eventually – answered prayers.

Our parents think that too,

And they focus all attention on doing right.

Until it appears to be one of those prayers prayed amiss.

Until the sun scorches our brains to serve our mates.

Until our praying skulls becomes soured by the slaps from empty responses.


For God, there is no guilt.

When millions pray for the same thing,

Though in the corners of their rooms.

And thousands live holy

To earn a positive response for the same need.

Who will HE give?


WHAT IF God’s desire,

Is that we come to the true understanding of UNITY,

One that would make us all work together,

Till the hard soil together!

Without the notion of a servant or a master,

Just brethren who are workers.

To gather,together, the good of the land.

And then share it all EQUALLY amongst our every brethren.

For everyone to get the fairest share,

And not think of owning it all!


#And if that is the true meaning of Socialism, I SUPPORT!

6 thoughts on “Greed Of A Nation” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. jessica Ugwuoke (@jessica1128)

    Nice one.. I actually laughed. Keep writing @levuz

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      @jessica1128, Never knew there was a sense of humor in the poem until you mentioned it, then I quickly went back to it and got my own share of the laughter too.

      Thanks for reading, your comment is really appreciated.

  2. Ironic, thought-provoking and a bit comic! Good one Levuz. You gave us a different view of how selfish we could be even in prayer.

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      @efiokbrythe. Yes brother. We really sometimes are! Thanks for reading and expressing your mind about the piece.

  3. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Everyone wants to be well-off and those prayers about being the best of the best is just a cover-up in most cases, the essence is that their children should fall among the stars if they can’t reach the sky- be able to provide and take care of them(parents) without stress.

    “We think that being faithful to our worship….”
    I want to make it clear that if you are holy (Love and fear God) and live a righteous life (A good person that does good things), you’ll do things not for selfish reasons and don’t forget that God rewards the faithful.
    Don’t shoot that part down because you want to pass a message across.

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      @Vanessa, Yes ma. I guess I agree with you 85% on that because that ‘Rich Man and Lazarus Story’ in the book of Luke always makes me wonder if being faithful indeed brings us goodies. The Lazarus – a.k.a The poor man, in the story was the faithful one. There are also some other very critical verses in the bible that underscores that faithful living is not a guarantee for life’s (financial) success!

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