Cracked Sources S1E5

cracked sources
cracked sources



“Yes love, how are you?”

“I’m ill.”

“Have the day off to rest. I’ll have Jerry come take you to the hospital soon”

“Thanks for knowing my mind”

“It’s nothing. Take care of yourself till he gets there”

Andrew dropped his phone. He heaved a sigh of relief – needs like this scared him from getting married.

“Agnes” He called into the comm


“Tell Jerry to go to the house, its an emergency”

“What if he asks what the emergency is?”

“Remind him I’m the boss”

Patrick walks into into his office, interrupting their conversation.

“I can’t find your Chief paralegal anywhere” Patrick’s words sounded more like a taunt than a show of concern.

“Yea. Today’s her day off, something I’m sure she never got when she was with you”
“I know you’re the employer of the month, but this is urgent, and her presence is needed ASAP. An important document has gone missing”

What document?” Concern written all over Andrew’s question

“The Crescent case file”

Silence crept into the office


After getting across to Anna, Patrick sighs in disappointment. According to Anna the document was delivered promptly to the storage department on the 12th of this month. The storage department acknowledges its receipt, but can’t give a rational explanation for its disappearance of the document.

The inability of the file to be traced forced Mark’s hands to call for an impromptu meeting of the top members of the firm – The Circle members

“We have a security issue” were Mark’s opening words

Everyone stares at his neighbour, all looking confused. The growing murmurs subside quickly as Mark continues to speak

“The document in focus is very important and must be found. Every department must submit records of all their transactions up until the second the file reaches my mail. This culprit must be found. There’s no room for snitches and untrustworthy folks in my team”

He instructed.


The meeting is adjourned. Everyone takes their leave, but Mark calls back Andrew. He asks him for his opinion. Andrew is candid, as to how bad they’re screwed by losing that file, because it’s the key to a billion naira case, but then he reassures him that they can withstand the situation, same way they’ve always done in the past.Andrew is dismissed.

Mark is furious. Furious to the point of scattering his desk, emptying its contents to the floor. He picks up his phone and dials.

“I’ve lost the document” He cries into the phone.

“Any suspect?”

“No. That document’s the only thing standing between me and anyone who wants to bury my dad and all he’s built in life. What do I do?”

“Take it easy. It’ll be fine. We need to make a plan” The person at the other end consoled.


At the security office, Patrick, and Andrew, are overseeing the scrutinization of each footage from the 12th day of the month till the present day. Nothing on the tape shows them when and how the document was stolen. After a while of no success Andrew excuses himself to go home – it’s way past working hours. As he walked to the underground parking lot, he sees someone.

“What are you doing here?”.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to just bore you with my love advances. Something more important brings me here at this time” She said to Him.

“I heard from a reliable source that something valuable has gone missing” She continued.

“Now, like I said, I’m not here to bore you with my advances, but to threaten you” She dropped the first bomb, recalibrated her shoulder bones, and continued “Come back to me, or I’ll tell the new CEO what I know from our time together. I’m sure he’ll want to know exactly how one of his most trusted advisors has been lying to him from the moment he stepped into the CEO sit”

She turned to walked away.

“Did you just threaten me Beatrice?”

“That’s exactly what I did. Come back to me, else you know what happens next.”

She walked away.

Andrew didn’t seem to care, ‘A girl desperate for love would be willing to say or do anything just to be noticed’ He thought to himself. He had to go home now – his girl needs him.

Anna was already fast asleep, and too weak to talk when Andrew drew her attention to his presence. He sat on the single sofa, and watched her sleep. After a few minutes of deriving joy watching her slumber in peace, he reached for under the sofa, and pulled out an unlabelled capsule container. He walked quietly to the toilet, and emptied its content into the bowel, and flushed them down. His eyes bore an empty stare as he painstakingly watched every capsule go down the drain.

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