Cracked Sources S1E4

cracked sources
cracked sources


As Agnes left the office, she went past her office space straight to the elevator, her friend Beatrice, who’s on the 10th floor.

“You won’t believe what the Greek gods just blessed my eyes with now”.

“What is it that’ll be interesting enough to make me want to leave this load of work before me and listen” seemingly, not interested in what Agnes had to say.

“I just saw Andrew naked” Agnes shamelessly chuckled – With Beatrice she was free to bare her thoughts and hiddem fantasies: Being 40years and a single mother to three children was had enough.

“You can’t be serious. You saw his nude on his phone or you bumped into him changing in his office?” Now showing enthusiasm over the juicy news.

“No. I actually bumped into him having about to have sex in his office with one of those his new paralegals”

Beatrice’s countenance changes “Who has the gut to have sex with my man”

Agnes looks away in silence.

“I want to see the girl”

“I thought you’d never ask. Come let’s go”

After 30 minutes of waiting, Beatrice catches sight of the man-snatcher. Anna avoided looking at Agnes desk, to prevent any awkward eye contact, -She needed to get to her cubicle as fast as possible to halt the feeling of as she felt all eyes were on her, with the judgemental look.

Beatrice kept her eyes fixated on Anna as she walked by. She couldn’t see what Andrew saw in Anna. She barges into Andrew’s office.

“Is that her? Is that who you broke up with me for?”

“How is that any of your business?”
“You can’t be serious Andrew. I’m I not prettier than that small child. I’m finer, more matured, and experienced than she is” Beatrice voice betrayed her outward confidence. “I don’t mind all you’ve done all through the last 6 weeks we’ve been apart. I’ll take you back no questions asked”

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Last I checked, you broke things off, not me”


“Agnes, come take your friend out now” He said loud for Agnes to hear.

Beatrice left before Agnes got the chance to come in, she has had enough “That Anna has toyed with the wrong girl’s feelings” – she voiced only to her hearing.


The elevator flight has never seemed to long. Every passer-by seemed to be staring at her: probably they could see into her soul, into her recent sin. She couldn’t wait to get into the privacy of her office space.

Her hurry was interrupted by fear when she sights Mr. Patrick standing feet from where she was- At the entrance to her office space. She impulsively takes a sharp turn to the right, down the escalator, to the lower floor.

“This is not the right time to meet him”

Her attention was brought back to reality – she had bumped into someone and sent them both crashing.

Anna holds one of her eye, which got slightly fisted in the collision with the stranger.

“I’m so sorry”

She said out those impulsive words out loud, holding her impacted eye in a bid to massage out the growing pain.

The victim of her fall, a young man with a very fair complexion that make him stand taller in addition to his height – he riises from his fall posture. He cleans himself a little, and proceeds to help the damsel in distress to her own feet, as she was obviously having difficulty recovering from the fall.

“I’m sorry too my dear, if I was looking, I’d have been able to prevent the collision”

He said to her to broke the awkward silence. A Samaritan brought ice, and he used it to wipe her eyes to percent further swelling.

“Do well to treat yourself better what you get home today, …. ”

“Anna” She said to help him out. “Thank you very much for your kindness, even though the collision was entirely my fault”

“Thank you and see you around, …”


“O yes! Anna. See you around Anna”

“And you are?”

“Mark. Mt name is Mark”

“Do you know who you just bumped into, and spent the last twenty minutes talking to very casually?” Patricia asked Anna immediately she ascended to the upper floor via the escalator

“No, I don’t. He seems nice though”

A smile slipped to the corner of her mouth

“That’s Mark, the new CEO”

“It’s a lie”

Anna could muttered.

She hurried to the stair railing, and looked down to the lower floor to see if she could catch sight of the charming new CEO.

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  1. I hope there won’t be any love or anything triangle- I hate love triangles.
    There were errors in your work, take time to edit well.
    Awaiting the next episode!

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