Cracked Sources S1E3

cracked sources
cracked sources


The overhauling process was over. Luckily, no one was fired, but a lot of changes had taken place. Among many, Anna’s no longer a paralegal for Patrick, but now for Andrew, and Patrick didn’t find it funny – apparently he liked having Anna around which according to him, was the reason he always gave her a tough time, to build her into the soldier-kind of lawyer he knows she could one day become. He wasn’t going to let this go down without a fight. He went straight to Mark’s office to tender his dislike of the overhauling of Anna.

After been allowed in by the secretary at the request of Mr. Mark, he held himself from speaking when he saw Andrew seated with Mark.

“I was about to send for you, before my secretary told me you were outside. I guess like minds work together” Mark said to Patrick.

“In as much as I’m wondering why you want to see me, I desperately need to say what I came here to before we can proceed” Patrick said.

“Go on” Mark opined him.

Patrick took his time to narrate how much time and energy he put into training Anna, and how much he’s yet to reap from this long time sown fruit, and so he cannot just let her slip away from his hand into Andrew’s.

Andrew rebutted instantly, saying he’s always been watching from a distance how Patrick has treated all his paralegals, and Anna has received the worst treatment, and now, as fate has put her in his hand, Patrick can’t hurt her anymore. According to him, Patrick’s angry because he can’t hurt the poor girl anymore.

Mark, who had been watching keenly as both men argued ceaselessly over one paralegal, had his fill, and cut them short, “The girl stays where she is Patrick” he commanded, and the matter was closed. Mark proceeded to introduce the reason why he called both men, who were amongst the few senior attorneys in the firm, and two of the three his father trusted very well with the firm’s secret.

After the meeting, Mark sat alone with his thoughts, he had often wondered why his father picked all three very different men to be his trusted advisors in the firm, and today, he confirmed the choice; Andrew was the most intriguing of all, at 32, he was the youngest of the three, arguably the most intelligent, but obviously the most creative. Patrick had a thing for numbers, and even the slightest fluctuation in finance couldn’t escape his notice, which he always brought to the attention of his father. The last man, Mr. Sanni, 53 years of age, but with the energy of a 30 years old man, he had the wisdom, experience, and particularly the gift of foresight, he could smell trouble a mile away, and hence was the major reason why the firm had always avoided cases that ended up bad in the hands of firms that later picked them up. With this team, he was sure he would do well, he had nothing to worry about.

As Patrick walked to his office his cell phone rang, he stared at the caller ID which read ‘Wife’. He let out a loud sigh before picking it.

“How long will you let my call ring before you pick it?” was the question, and first sentence that arrived from the other end of the call.

“Hello to you too wife” Patrick said, ignoring her question.

“You’re ignoring my question bah! Don’t worry you’ll come to this house. And when you’re coming back, be prepared for fire. I heard you’ve been crying like a baby through tout the office since morning because they transferred one of those shameless girls you sleep with” his wife said to him.

“Haaba! Who told you such? Who feeds your head with all these nonsense in this office? If I catch that person ehn” Patrick responded, feigning ignorance.

“Stop lying, the person sent me an image of your sulky face. It is me and you when you come back home today” she said, and hung the call on him.

‘Could today get any more worse’ Patrick said to himself, He needs to find out who monitors him in the office on behalf of his paranoid wife, but not today, after all, he’s been searching for the person for the past 5 months since she revealed to him that she has an informant in his office. His search can wait another day.

‘Could today get any more worse’ He asked himself again.

As Andrew left Mark’s office, he went straight to the 13th floor, and announces to all the paralegals under his wing, that he’s naming Anna as his Chief paralegal – meaning they’ll all answer to her, and she to him. He asks her to meet him in his office in 5 minutes.

“So this overhauling process became a blessing in disguise for us” Anna said as she entered the office.

“Yes it did. We don’t need to hide again in abandoned floors to make out anymore. We now have a valid reason to spend more time together during officer hours” Andrew said as he stood up to go kiss the woman that has been making his heart skip many beats.

The kiss turns from passionate, to ferocious, causing so many items on the table, including a mug, to fall to the tiled floor.

The door swings open, and Agnes runs in, Andrew’s 40 years old secretary, who thought that something had gone wrong.

“Hope all is well Sir” Agnes said as she ran in.

Anna buried her bare breast in Andrew’s chest, trying to hide her face from Agnes.

“We’re fine Agnes. Thanks for caring” Andrew said, dismissing her with his hand gesture.

“She’s gone baby” Andrew said to her.

“I am so finished”, Anna lightly said.

Andrew laughed it off.

“You’re not finished my dear. We’re together, and nothing can go wrong”, he said, and continued kissing her.

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