ashes on a plattter of gold

The gospel of the Lord
was handed into the hands of preachers
with warnings not to add or remove
original words that helped make Heaven special.
But the preachers have fed the congregation
with dead lies that stink
like the breath of death
and the preachers say
that death will be the portion of he
that refuses to give to God.
And I wonder how we grew
from innocent humans into
lying snakes that will maim the truth in the Bible
just for worldly pageantry
and scatter the seeds of discord & confusion all over the promised land
that God said will be free from lies
but I guess he didn’t see the deception
that hid behind the smiles of preachers.

2 thoughts on “ashes on a plattter of gold” by Michael Akuchie (@IfeanyiPoet)

  1. halfmoon (@halfmoon)

    #true…… Wonder if it’s all a conspiracy

  2. Michael Akuchie (@IfeanyiPoet)

    @Half moon.
    We may never know. thanks for reading.

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