The Tree and I – Flash Fiction by Tony Ogunlowo

The Tree asked me what I was doing.

I had climbed up it, high into its branches and fastened a rope around its highest point and the other end around my neck.

What does it look like I’m doing, said I, I’m trying to kill myself.

Why, asked the impertinent Tree.

Because I’m fed up with life, replied I.

The Tree laughed, its cackling rising up from its roots and resonating throughout its trunk; and what would you know about life?

I adjusted the noose around my neck and pulled it tighter. I know enough of life to know when to go, said I, my voice reduced to a whisper by the tight cord around my neck, I can’t go on living so I want to die.

The Tree rustled its leaves, careful not to throw me off. And what do you know of life, asked the Tree, its voice now echoing out of the stumps that were once its branches. I’ve stood here for hundreds of years through thick and thin, famine and floods.

Of that I have no doubt, said I looking out from under the umbrella of its foliage, at the world, for one last time.

Throughout all my troubles, in my life, said the Tree, never once did I think of taking my life.

That’s because you can’t, interjected I, you’re stuck in the ground and can’t move an inch!

Really? Again it rustled its branches violently, nearly throwing me off. How about that for not being able to move an inch?

I held on as tight as I could throughout all the rumbling and rustling  suddenly feeling scared to be thrown off.

So why didn’t you fall when I tried to throw you off, teased the Tree.

So I did. I launched myself into space and after freefalling for a few seconds the rope went taut and I braced myself for the inevitable.

Surprisingly the branch snapped under my weight and I collapsed onto the ground in a heap, alive.

Bruised, I could hear the Tree laughing at me through its roots. Not from my branches are you going to kill yourself!

8 thoughts on “The Tree and I – Flash Fiction by Tony Ogunlowo” by Tony Ogunlowo (@tony2)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    The work needs some editing, I can’t see any quotation marks and I’m sure you already know this.

    And then this “…by Tony Ogunlowo” you always put in the title of your works always look funny to me somehow. Whenever we see your posts, we already know its you, so I personally feel it is unnecessary to tell us that again. It is not bad though.

    Asides these, I love the message, Life is beautiful enough to stay alive, why hurry to die, when you have less than a century to live? One would still die anyway. Well done!

    1. Tony Ogunlowo (@tony2)

      Not that I’m getting sloppy – there weren’t meant to be any quotation marks. It’s written in a way that disobeys all the rules.
      As to my name being on pieces…well, my sincere apologies. when submitting work I assume admin would delete what wasn’t necessary, in future I’ll edit accordingly.

  2. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    While reading, I felt it was a deliberate choice to write without the quotations but I like that it didn’t confuse me whilst in the process. The story was straightforward and I like the message.
    The name on the title could always be your signature style so I don’t personally have a problem with it. But like she said, life is beautiful enough to stay alive, so why hurry to die?

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      @Roy-journals, “She?”


      @tony2, Okay, since your neglect of Qmarks was deliberate, I guess I couldn’t pick that earlier because I was reading via a phone that distorts texts. I enjoyed it still.

  3. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    My apologies @levuz I suppose I assumed wrongly. 🙈 Merely an impression I got from your picture.

    1. Levuz (@Levuz)

      @roy-journals, That’s why I changed it immediately, hope you like my new look? lol

  4. namdi (@namdi)

    Suicide? hmm!

    I like the tale: short and beautiful.

  5. There are ingenious ways of telling our stories. This I agree is one of them. I enjoyed every bit of it. Keep writing

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