Sweetest Sacrifice

Sweetest Sacrifice


Hold me in your arms

Curl and cuddle me in your sweet embrace

I will not let you go.

Sweetest sacrifice


You were there for me when no one was

Abandoned and forsaken by my parents

I smoked the life out of me

Barely able to concentrate and move.

Sweetest sacrifice


With tears in eyes, I cried

As the doctor said, “You have kidney failure.”

And I knew then that that was it and I was going to die

But Uche, you took my place.

Sweetest sacrifice


You allowed the arrow pass through your compassionate heart

Taking away my pain, hurt, denial and wound

Now I can feel the pleasure of true love.

Sweetest sacrifice


I quit smoking now

Wish you could see

I’m now a new and better person

Come back and take me in your loving arms

If I can die right now, I will die over and over for you.

Sweetest sacrifice











2 thoughts on “Sweetest Sacrifice” by Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

  1. @Ada123, did Uche die or did he leave? Sad!

    1. @vanessa, he died. He sacrificed his kidney for her.

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