THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 3 of 3)


Pa rozay comforted her as much as he could and then he used the opportunity to introduce her to his son, Marcos who had just come to town to spend some time with his father. He had told them a lot about him but they had never seen him, all they knew about him was his profession as a medical doctor who lives at portharcourt.

Elizabeth felt he didn’t look clean enough to pass for for a doctor, but let it pass as he seemed cool, and offered her his listening ears and wise counsel on how best to proceed in this present predicament. Over the two weeks that followed after they met, they grew closer.

Efe has healed tremendously in two weeks, just as Mama Omoye had said. The potency of the herbs she brought him for his daily intake wasn’t under any potency doubt, his better health and healed injuries gave them the confidence to go ahead with the spell and necessary sacrifice to banish the curse that had continuosly circled and threatened to devour him.

Efe tied only a white cloth around his waist. The sacrifice lasted for three hours and Efe was pronounced clean and santified. In jubilation he immediately picks his phone and dials Elizabeth. Pa Rozay picks the call and sounds happy to hear his voice, but has a bad news for Efe, Elizabeth went into shock three hours ago, and his unborn child might have to be aborted to save her life.

Efe felt a huge influx of sadness. He demands from his aunty to know what she did. “My unborn child’s life is hanging in the balance. She consults the spirits and finds out that the curse wasn’t destroyed but transferred. As Efe’s santification started, the remaining one-third part of the curse transferred to his wife in Lagos, and it has clinged to his unborn child.

Mama Isoken and Efe leave for Lagos the next morning to fully understand the extent of the curse and how to stop the last part of the curse from killing his wife and unborn child.

Marcos visits Elizabeth who has been placed under intensive care. He talks calmly to the hearing of her unresponsive body lying before his eyes with so many wires sticking in and out of her. He gets very emotional, he sobs and begins to make some emotional comments. He tells her he’s not a doctor, as he and his father had initially made everyone believe. He has never even entered a medical school for visitation, talkmore as a student.
The confession was in a bid to convince her on the authenticity of his next revelation. His father, pa Rozay, is a bad man, and he wants to kill her, her husband, and her child for reasons best known to him. “He’s the reason you’re lying here about to die”, he said to her, holding her hands.

“I can’t stay and watch you die in this pains, that’s why I have to do this, to set things right because, I love you Elizabeth, even though you’re already married, I love you, and this is the best gift I can give to you as a token of my love”, he said. Still holding her hand, he begins to chant some strange words, and he then drops lifelessly to the floor.

A sudden flow of energy infuse into Elizabeth, she flutters her eyes, and she rose up from the hospital bed immediately, and rushed to a seeming lifeless Marcos, who she discovered wasn’t breathing anymore. She cried, and begged for him to stand up.
Pa Rozay badged into the hospital room and with tears flowing down his cheeks. He had felt the death of his son a mile away. His son, the only reason for his living had just sacrificed himself in place of the sacrificial lamb that was to secure his future. With anger sipping out of his red eyes, he stared coldly at Elizabeth who was getting ready to stand away from Marcos’s lifeless body. She was ready to take heed now to the fact she has been ignoring, and run for her dear life.

Pa Rozay’s grief was on the fullest gear and without thinking got up to attack Elizabeth, but slipped on the accumulated drip that had been pouring since Elizabeth forcefully took it out of her hand to take a look at the fallen Marcos. The slip caused him to land hard at the edge of the rusty metal hospital bed, and harder on the floor, with blood ouzing out at an alarming rate.

At this time, the nurses rushed in after trying for minutes to locate the room where the disturbance has been emanating from. They pronounce both father and son dead, and arranged to have Elizabeth cleaned up and the bodies taken away to the autopsy room.
As Elizabeth is taken to be cleaned up, she sees from afar, Efe with Mama Isoken interrogating some nurses probably for her location. Efe! Efe!, she screams. He looks at the source of the call, and runs towards her.

It’s been two days…

Efe and Ade are well rested now. They’ve discussed all that happened over the past few days with themselves and with the intelligent counsel of Mama Isoken, they deduce that Pa Rozay was the source of the curse, he was too jealous of Efe’s success, and wanted his son to be the one been celebrated around town and that the both of them must have been practising active sorcery to be able to release the curse and save Elizabeth. Efe in remorse, vowed to not trust anyone again, the repercursion of his trusting Pa Rozay deeply, was the reason his mother was lying in a coma now. The whole entire family is present here, they all round her sick bed with her sister , praying for her recovering.

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  1. Levuz (@Levuz)


    “… He tells her he’s not a doctor, as he and his father had initially made everyone believe. He has never even entered a medical school for visitation, talkmore as a student.
    The confession was in a bid to convince her on the authenticity of his next revelation. His father, pa Rozay, is a bad man, and he wants to kill her”

    Like seriously?!!!

    Wonderful twist here. I didn’t see that coming at all, best friends could indeed turn out to be most unsuspecting enemies. Life has always been filled with unbelievable twists. We can never be absolutely careful.

    Nice one bro!

    Looking through your posts, one would observe that you are as much of a fine writer as you are a graphics designer. That’s commendable! @talius

    1. Thank you very much bro @Levuz for your observations and very high praises, I very appreciate all.

      More works coming as time goes by, hope you read them all also.

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