Nne m Oma

Omalicha nne m oma

The breast I once suckled

Caressed with sweetness

And sometimes bit

Like I was fighting with you.


Enenebegioru oma

Oh, mother! Your tender love and care

The sweat of your work and hardship

Your agony, discomfort and pain for my sake.


Ochie dike nne m oma

Your perseverance for my success

Your sacrifice just to put a smile on my face.


Oh, mother! Onye o ga di mma

You work all day just to make sure I eat and drink

You toil and labor all periods just to make sure I become somebody

Oh, mama! Ochalugo mma

You will always be in my heart.


NB: Nne m Oma –My good mother

Omalicha nne m oma- beautiful and good mother

Enenebegioru- beautiful

Ochie dike nne m oma- ancient warrior and good mom

Onye o ga di mma-  goodness will follow you

Ochalugo- Beauty/pretty one




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  1. Beautiful!
    Well done!

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