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Imagine you finally get to the gates of heaven, and in the BOOK OF LIFE, an angel is instructed to see if your name is found there, and then…

“Yes! His name is here.” The angel might say, but as you are preparing to dance in, she might quickly observe some things and yell; “Errm Sir! His name is here, located boldly in the chapter of all those who updates and or reads posts constantly on naijastories,… but SIR, he cannot enter o!”

“Why?” You see yourself asking. Curiosity filling the air.

“Well, tell him why” The angel is instructed before her next words.

‘Why didn’t she answer me?’ You wonder, but you remember quickly that she is not accountable to you anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Your attention bounces back to the scene, so that you would not miss listening to her reasons.

“He never for once made any attempt to say ‘thank you’ to the administrative agent who reads, crosschecks, screens and then finally help him update and post his articles on NS.”

“Eeewe!” You scream, “Is that even a sin? I think that should be his duty naw?”

“He sits behind the screen 24/7. Going through several posts that people write, he reads many many things, and you know what that means, he gets bored sometimes, tired sometimes, angry sometimes, and blah blahblah… and none of you even considered appreciating him through a simple post. At least something to make him smile while going through his duty of reading posts.”

“Sorry, I never regarded that as a sin.” You plead. “If given another chance, that’ll be the first thing I’d do.”


“Promise!” You scream, fully ready to do anything that’ll just take you across those gates into that beautiful city.

“Ookay then, what about all those beautiful people who compose articles in their hearts and share it for readers on NS. Have you ever even considered thanking them all?”

“I couldn’t comment on all the posts nah” You protest.

“But you could have at least encouraged every one of them once, at least by saying something good about NS and its entire family; the readers, the writers, the administration, the EVERYBODY.”

“Ohh,” you sob? “I’m sincerely sorry”

“Alright then,” you hear gloriously, “I shall give you another chance to make that right. Thank and encourage the efforts of, not only the NS family, but the entire world – especially those people who contribute meaningfully to your life and unfortunately, you have along the line felt that they were doing their duty.

Imagine how boring it is, for instance, for a traffic warder to control thousands of cars on a busy road. And then imagine how fantastic and super encouraging it will be, for someone to just alight from his/her car just to say ‘Hi there, well done’. How beautiful would that be?”

“Very true!” You realize, “I promise to start right away,” You say sincerely, and then suddenly recovering from the Naija Stories post you had been reading all along. You realize and appreciate the fact that you are still very much on earth, and not accused at heaven’s gate.

You realize you still have that chance to make something right, at least.

What would you then do?

As for me, I want to use this moment to thank the entire Naija Stories work force, those who have been putting all their efforts together in helping young writers like myself find a platform that helps project our talent. I equally want to thank everyone who has contributed to my life, somehow somehow…especially those that I thought were just dong their duties.

I thank you all so much and I pray that God rewards you all bountifully!

Love you all!

Thanks for reading.


Deji AKIN Levuz

10 thoughts on “Naija Stories” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. Awesome. You pointed the strobe at a direction nobody was gazing, and guess wah, we are all guilty

    @ogaoga and the admin team; I say a big thank you for accomodating our scribbles. It ain’t an easy work

  2. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    It made me laugh and yes, we are all guilty. So, thank you admin, thank you NS, thank you EVERYBODY!
    Thanks Levuz, for reminding us.

  3. Oluwaseun Ojegoke (@ojestar)

    Hmmmm…..guilty as charged….the line, “those I thought were just doing their duties” struck me….

    Thank you @ogaoga I throway salute…thank you NS for this great platform, thank you @levuz for this piece….Thank you all. Thank you.

  4. Oluwaseun Ojegoke (@ojestar)

    Hmmmm…..guilty as charged….the line, “…those I thought were just doing their duties” struck me….

    Thank you @ogaoga I throway salute (thanks to d Nigerian army) ..thank you NS for this great platform, thank you @levuz for this piece….Thank you all. Thank you.

  5. Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

    Awesome @levuz. Thanks for pointing out something most of us don’t think about. Thanks admin and everyone that makes this work, you guys are the best!

  6. Brotherly, so much truth put together.
    Thanks for this important reminder.

  7. namdi (@namdi)

    The importance of showing gratitude. Nice one! Well done, Deji AKIN Levuz.

  8. mojisola olajummy (@mjeezyfone)

    Wow.. Nice!! I thought it was a message from the admin. Thank you NS!!!

  9. jessica Ugwuoke (@jessica1128)

    @levuz you are good indeed. thank you everyone

  10. Dotun Nuga (@Shungodotun)

    Naija stories was just introduced to me, love it already, thank you for pointing this out, we lack appreciation in the black nation especially , when we see our law enforcers, we rain abuses at them, these people that go out everyday risking their lives for our safety, our soldiers facing battle from different caliber of groups and individuals, why would they wanna treat the ordinary citizen right? They are always angry, they need love too, everyone needs love , appreciation and encouragement. Women get all the glory in the home, also learn to appreciate a fathers hustle, truly e no easy to be a man, let alone a father. Thank you naija stories. Thank you levuz

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