Loves, Choices and Decisions

My choices were straightforward, the blue pills to terminate this seed of love or the stack of bags which I had never truly unpacked in the corner of the room.
Many say products of broken homes make bad spouses.
Optimists like my mum, insist that this is not always true, and that they have a better understanding of how to make a marriage work
As for me, I was scarred enough from my parents’ marriage and it had resulted in making me uninterested in it.
So six months after graduation, when Onome began to put pressure on me to take our two year relationship to the next level, I delayed as much as I could trying to convince him on why he was rushing into what I said was an antiquated institution.
Onome however refused to disappear like Sunny, Tayo and Akin before him and after months of pushing and prodding I finally gave in and married him. He was any ladies dream, stable, faithful, God fearing, handsome and educated and also had a great job.
I eased into the role of Mrs Osifo and my big new house, a starring role in a movie in which I felt more like an extra.
Onome was all he promised and even the sex was bearable and each day passed almost a replica of the preceding one
“You know your problem, is that you have no problem” was the usual refrain that would come from my friend Chika whenever she stopped by my home on her way from work.
“At least, you don’t have to run away from all this men who want a piece of your body to give you work, your own better my sister.”, she would say to further emphasize her point
Her words didn’t bring much comfort as I continued to hunger for something that I didn’t know, but was sure existed. That was until Dotun showed up in my life.
He was our laundry man, and for months I didn’t even know he existed as Lizzy our maid was his contact, until that Tuesday when I decided not to go to the perfume shop I now ran.
We barely spoke for minutes before I was hooked, was it the way he regarded me as an equal or his mid baritone voice which made Onome’s sound like a mouse’s squeak, I could never really tell.
All I knew was I always needed to be in his presence
We became friends and later lovers, he was patient,and a listener and I now experienced the unexplored joys of sex without even a feeling of guilty or conflict that I was soiling my marital bed, my addiction was complete.
Now I sit in my opulent bedroom left hand on my belly, two hours after hearing of Dotun’s death from a policeman’s stray bullet, pondering on how to continue.
This decision I must make, even with my heart is shattered in a million pieces.
Leave my home

7 thoughts on “Loves, Choices and Decisions” by chimanu2000 (@chimanu2000)

  1. This had me hooked from start to finish. Very interesting and exciting piece, with lots to learn as well. Keep it up!

  2. Very nice, but seems like you were in a hurry to get it all out. I feel you should have lengthened the pace- it ended abruptl, good job.

  3. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Oops! I was waiting to see you prove your mum right. But you disappointed us, Arrrrrg! I can like burst your head right now. Fantastic piece.

  4. chimanu2000 (@chimanu2000)

    Thanks for the comments so far.I agree i will have to use my editor better next time.

  5. Esther (@simplymii)

    Beautiful story, beautiful beginning, beautiful ending. I can hardly wait for the next one

  6. namdi (@namdi)

    Ending a sentence without an appropriate punctuation mark, is it a part of your style?

    I did not understand the beginning; the blue pills and unpacked bags. The end too was a challenge–the ‘leave my home’ part. The rest of the story was interesting.

    1. chimanu2000 (@chimanu2000)

      Thanks for the comment Nnamdi, I admit that the tale could be ‘cleaner’ . Its unfortunately an editing error, which i will avoid in future

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