Greenland Estate Nigeria


It’s a cold evening at the Greenland Residence, Galadima Abuja. Every student that attends the Abubakar University, Abuja is getting ready for the epic party of a new semester. At the Adebayo residence, Estate no.8, Femi the 19 year old son of The Governor of CBN Dr Timi Adebayo is all dressed up ready to go to the Year In Party. Femi gets into his 2015 Lexus Lx450 which was bought for him as a birthday present and drives off to Abubakar University for the Party.
Its 7:00pm and the students are ready to party till the next day. Femi goes into the school Auditorium where the party is being held. “Bahd Baddo Baddest” by Falz is being played by the DJ really loud and anyone can barely communicate with each other. Femi spots his friends close to the buffet and he goes over there to meet them.
Khaleed Abubakar: Ah Femi, why are you late? We told you the party starts by 6pm sharp.
Femi Adebayo: Bro, I’m not really the type to come to a place like this with all these “activities” going on.
Joseph Michaels: Activities? (He laughs) Oh you mean drinking, partying, rocking? Well, they all equal enjoying life dude which you suck at doing
Khaleed Abubakar: Gbam! You’re just like my sister; I mean she still wears a “Hijab” who does that anymore?
Aisha Abubakar: Don’t talk to me like that I’m older than you.
Khaleed: Yes, with just one year, get over it. 1
Aisha: All I’m saying is that wearing the Hijab is part of being a good Muslim woman and no one can take that away from me, I don’t even know why I’m at this party.
Anita Osaze: Alright I didn’t come over here to watch you two bicker. BTW where’s Kiki and Tori?
Chidi Madukwem: On the dance floor, I think I’ll join them. (He walks to the dance floor)
Khaleed: (Talking to Femi) Wow, his dance moves are horrifying, anyway, would you like a drink?
Femi: Sure, why not.
Aisha: I’ll get the drinks
Joseph: I’ll help you. We have unfinished business.
Femi: So, Kiki and Tori are here uh? Do they know about………..
Khaleed: The fact that you played them both, yeah it’s crossed their minds.
Femi: Hmm, (With a surprised tone) since when does Kiki talk to Aisha.
Khaleed: Apparently since tonight, strange.
Kiki: We’re here with the drinks.
Femi: Thanks, (he drinks it all at once).
Khaleed: Wow, you’re really thirsty.
Kiki Raymond: Femi
Femi: Kiki, been a while.
Kiki walks away without giving Femi a reply. Femi gets sick of the party, and he gets into his car and drives off. 2
While driving in the highway his phone is buzzing with Khaleed’s calls but he doesn’t even want to reply him. While driving, he starts feeling dizzy but he tries to fight it but gives in and sleeps off and his car immediately diverts out of the road and rams into a construction site.
People gather there immediately to see if he’s dead, they try to open the door of the car but it seems to be stuck, a by-stander immediately calls for an ambulance and they arrive very quickly as soon as they heard that he is Timi Adebayo’s son.
At the hospital, Timi is pacing anxiously waiting for a reply from the doctors that are operating on his son. Mrs. Zaina Abubakar walks in to hospital:
Zaina: I heard about your son and I came as soon as possible, I’m so sorry, is he okay?
Timi: I haven’t heard a word from the doctors.
Zaina: Insha-Allah, he is going to be just fine.
Timi: I sure hope so
The head doctor Dr. Edward James walks towards Timi
Dr. James: Mr. Timi Adebayo the father of Femi Adebayo right?
Timi: Yes, yes that’s me, will my son be okay?
Dr. James: I’m sorry sir but we lost your son, he died at exactly 12:02am, I’m so sorry sir.
Timi: (shocked) I’m going to sit down now.
Zaina: Dr. James do you have any other information?
Dr. James: Well, if he wasn’t poisoned he would have survived the accident.

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