Down Below

Down Below

Here I am

Laughing at the world

We all are dead

With greed, desires locked in the devil’s den

Souls all tied on a burning pole


Here I am

Watching all hope dissipate

We are all lost

With false liars spreading doom

A massacre of human existence


Do I fall along the line?

Amongst the walking dead

Heads without brains

Minds collected and harvested

Thoughts replaced with disease


Here I am

Laughing at my own demise

Though I look down

All I can see is the world burning

A new hell created by our own pleasures


Here I am

Dying with my sins

Though all I can do

Is watch my soul light up

A new way to escape this dimension called below


Here I am

Hacking into a woman’s loins

My thoughts below my waist

Questions: pushing back and forth

Will I live to see my own demise?

Will I stand to see my own grace?

or will this sweet death be the only way to drown in peace?

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