Dear boy-child,
I know you feel bad when you see someone advocating against girl-child sexual abuse. You feel left out and you believe no one understands your pain.

But believe me dear, I understand your plight! Though I’m a lady, but research made me understand your pain better. Unlike your opposite sex who would find a way to express herself Anonymously or might be lucky to be discovered because of the blood stains on her pants and saved early. Such luck are far from you and this thought makes you aggressive and bitter.

You have an ego, but too timid to admit it. Like the girl-child, you are scared to open up. The stigma from the society makes you grit at the thought of opening up and you prefer to keep your mute.

You are silent, you wish to speak, but it carries a lot of weight in your mouth. You need help, you are emotionally hurt and it weighs you down, but you hardly make mention of it.

I understand your plight and I know that woman is a shame to womanhood. Hey dear, we talk about the girl-child because her case is more rampant or well, because they seldom speak and in most cases, the act is quickly discovered.

You are not alone boy-child! You are not an unsung song, but a hidden lyrics waiting to be found. I don’t want you to end up a paedophile or allow the wound to eat you up. You are wonderful and greater than your hurts. It might take a while to heal, but if you drain the boil in your soul and give it a proper treatment, it will heal with time.
You too can stand to end this ancient crime against humanity if you allow yourself to heal.

I understand your pain and I hope you let go soon! Don’t let it take a hard toll on you. I care for you and today I generalize it to see if it will make you happy. I hope to see a real smile on your face and not that terrible, plastic smile.
Let’s say #no-child-molestation
Let’s say #no-to-sexual-abuse

6 thoughts on “Boychild” by Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

  1. I got the poem, but the way you added this part: I know that woman is a shame to womanhood- got me….confused? Are you referring to a female in his life that was aware of the act against him and did nothing to stop it or help him. Or something entirely different.

    This is an open site and we should be careful about what we write and if we are writing about fragile cases like child molestation, we should make sure our words and their meanings are clear so it won’t cause an uproar. Take note.

  2. Thank you for pointing that out @Vanessa
    I’m talking about the boychild sexual abuse and you know it’s vise-versa… A man will sexually abuse a girl, while a woman will sexually abuse a boy… I’m against women who abuse a boy-child sexually and I think it’s a shameful act for a woman to do such…

  3. Like I said, make it clear next time. The world isn’t black and white, guys sodomize other guys/boys, ladies do the same to their own gender, the latter case is just not common. Research will do a lot of good when writing about things that are factual.
    All the best!

  4. Thank you! I’ll work on that.

  5. Oops!I feel that that issue is a simple misconception of the word ‘that’.

    I have used two ‘that’s in my first sentence and both are not serving the same function. The intention of the writer (@fikayomi) of the story was the latter (as used in my first sentence here), while the reader (@Vanessa) misconceived the word as the former. Both should try to adjust.
    I enjoyed and digested the story nicely. Thanks for posting.

    I’m talking about the expression; “…and I know that woman is a shame to womanhood.” = talking about the woman who abused the boy child.

  6. Smiles..
    Thank you for explaining better… @Levus

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