Boss Lady – Chapter Six

Rosie’s best friend from secondary school, Dora came to visit her at her house, after getting the application form for the state’s polytechnic. She encouraged Rosie to get the form as well so they could attend the Polytechnic together.

“We had such a great time at the A.G.G.S. Hostel, Rosie. So many memorable times. Let’s do it again at the Polytechnic. Please… come with me.” Dora pleaded.

“I’ll really love to get the form, but I can’t. I don’t have the money right now. Besides, I’ll prefer to attend a Federal University. Federal Universities have better rankings in the country, and they’re recognized everywhere in the world. It just makes better sense for me.” She replied.

Dora understood Rosie’s reasons and gave the issue a rest. She chose the Polytechnic because it was easier to get into. The competition was considerably less. All she needed was half the W.A.C.E score required for a Federal University.

She proceeded to the Polytechnic, while other classmates went ahead to attend various tertiary institutions in the country. The only person left behind was Rosie. The money she needed never came. It seemed the times got even harder. Everyone she approached to assist her explained that a university education was an expensive undertaking and since they had other responsibilities, they were unable to help her.

After staying at home for a while, doing practically nothing, Rosie decided to move to Benin City which was in a different state in the country. She had an uncle in Benin who had been nice to her before.

Maybe… just maybe he’ll help me again this time.


By the time Rosie arrived in Benin, her uncle already had four children to cater for. He apologized for his inability to help her with her university education but told her she could live in his house for however long as she pleased. It was much better than going back to her village, so she decided to live there.

While in Benin, she ran into her old friend who gave her the money to return to her village the last time she was in the city and her brother, Dan had taken her money. They were both excited to meet each other again and caught up on lost times.

“So, what are you doing now?” Her friend, Paula asked, after catching up for a while.

“Nothing, really.” She replied. “I came back to Benin in hopes of getting my uncle to sponsor my university education but that didn’t go too well. He’s swamped with the responsibility of catering for his four kids at the moment. I’m still trying to figure out what my next steps should be.”

“Wow. That’s such a shame. Since you have time on your hands and could use the extra cash, why don’t you join me in selling meat pies? I just started with it last week and it’s going well.” Paula stated.

“Really? But I don’t have any capital.” Rosie replied. “How can I start a buying and selling business?”

“You don’t need capital.” Paula replied, excitedly.

“You’re pulling my legs, are you not?” Rosie smiled skeptically.

“Not at all. The guy who owns the bakery needs people to help him sell the meat pies. He doesn’t have money to pay the marketers so he came up with this arrangement. You collect the meat pies in the morning, sell them and return the cost price to him in the evening. The profit is all yours.” Paula explained.

“That sounds like a very cool idea! When can I start?” Rosie asked.

“As soon as tomorrow, if that’s okay with you.” Paula replied.

“Okay with me? It’s okay with me to start yesterday!” Rosie teased.

The two girls burst into laughter.


Rosie was out selling meat pies at the state Ministry of Justice one day when one of her customers asked to speak with her.

“Young lady, you have a very good command of the English Language.” The customer said.

“Thank you, sir.” She replied.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

Here we go. Pretending to be impressed by my command of the English language when we both know what he wants.” Rosie thought.

“My name is Rosie.” She replied, keeping a straight face.

She didn’t want to encourage him in any way. The last thing she wanted was a relationship.

“You seem to have some level of education. At what point did you stop schooling?” He asked.

“I completed my secondary education and have the W.A.C.E certification.” She replied.

“That’s impressive. You can do something with that, you know?” He stated.

“Yeah, I’m already doing something. Selling these meat pies!” Rosie replied, rolling her eyes.

The customer laughed.

“I like your attitude. What I mean is that the Ministry of Justice is currently accepting candidates with the W.A.C.E certification as trainee accountants.”

“Really? So you think I should apply?” ┬áRosie asked.

“Yeah, but of course, it’s up to you.” The man replied.

“I want to. I’m just really surprised.” She stated.

“Okay, just come with your credentials and an application letter tomorrow. I’ll take you to the department where you can submit them.” He stated.

Rosie thanked him for the information and gave him a bonus meat pie in appreciation. When she left the Ministry that day, she had a huge smile on her face.

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  1. More please!! I’m totally engrossed with this story. And God has been there for her, because “when there is a will, there is a way”. I’m really feeling you and your story.

    1. Indeed. God is always there for his children. Thanks for reading.

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