These Eyes

My pen aches to swivel
My mind although still riddled.
The blank sheet before me catches my gaze, eagerly waiting to be set ablaze with ink that gives meaning to existence and fulfills its very own essence.

So I pray…
Deliver me from stagnation
As I thrust myself in your might.
Open these eyes to deception
And acquit me from all that blights.
As I prey, that I no longer be haunted
By decisions that have often had me tormented.

These guys,
pressured me into believing these lies
Now I’m trapped in a world so vague
Where all I see are these lies.

In a world where fools feign wise.
Will I ever see delight
Or will my dreams last only these nights?

These eyes,
Have seen the corruptionists of this life
And been a victim of these lies
Careful what you choose to beLIEve
Lest you fall for these LIE(s).

The skies,
I look to you with these eyes
Redeem me from all of these lies
Cause deep down inside
Is a longing to be different from these guys.

And I pray…
Deliver us from Damnation
And Open our eyes to deception.
Teach us patience
That we may learn diligence.

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