The Wait

That word brings to mind, patience and hope.
What people don’t understand is that, that hope is almost tragic, almost painful and it’s a desperate hope, especially when you really need something to work out.

Some say the best way to wait is to find something to keep yourself busy so you don’t go outta ya mind.
What happens when you find yourself in an empty cell, with no window. How do you wait in such condition and don’t go outta ya mind?

The wait- no matter what people say, is hard, icy and makes you feel all kinds of fear.
The wait, to people who really need something and are not sure they’re going to get it, is like that empty cell.

It might build character- if you believe in that, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that; when you finally come out of that empty cell, you do everything possible not to find yourself back there and depending on your situation, Yes or No will become the definite thing you believe in.
Maybe before the wait you were a Yes person, after that wait, you become a No person. You begin to say No to things, No to people, so you can have a fighting chance against another wait.
And if you were a No person before the wait, then vice-versa, after the wait you begin to say Yes. You become a Yes person.

You begin to look out for yourself because you realise you are important, you come first. Your survival requires that you put yourself first. Your survival requires that you depend more on yourself and less on others.
Hopefully, your next wait won’t be in an empty cell.

2 thoughts on “The Wait” by Vanessa's Writings (@Vanessa)

  1. Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

    I’m in a situation of a Long Wait!
    Like I’m in a cell and I keep thinking about what I’ll be like when the wait is over.
    Will I permit it to define my relationship with others or will I pick the shreds and make something beautiful with it?

    Thank you for sharing this @Vanessa

  2. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    You are welcome, Fikayo. We hope to be the best version of ourselves after the wait. Your wait will soon be over @fikayomi

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