Episode three: She is crazy

‘You have no right to sit there, its my space’, said Mary to the girl sitting on the secluded seat she normally had her meal.

The girl took a quick glance at Mary, and removed her gaze almost immediately. Mary felt insulted, dropped her mesh pan, and pounced on the girl, repeatedly punching her on the face until she was dragged away from the now bloodied girl’s face by the security personnel.

Mary was locked up in solitude, because of her unruly behaviour, and was made to clean up the dirtiest toilets the facility had, as additional punishment. After three days there, she was released, allowed to take part in the room shuffling exercise scheduled for the afternoon.

The roommate shuffling exercise was to prevent inmates from been to comfortable, and attached, with whomever they stayed with. In a twist of fate, Mary’s roommate turned out to be the same girl who sat on her seat, the one who caused her to face grievous toilet washing, and three nights of solitude.

Nimue, who was remorseful for the way things turned out with Mary that day, apologized when they got to the room. She didn’t want any bad blood between them both. Mary acknowledged her apology, and they hugged in a show of peace.

Later in the night, Mary woke up, called up a very sleepy Nimue, to discuss something with her as new roommates, but Nimue didn’t reply. Mary came down from her bunk, and approached Nimue’s face, as though to slightly wake her up. Mary raised her hand, slammed it on Nimue’s face, and immediately blood splashed out, staining everywhere.

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