Shackled 1

I hate that you’ve got this unshakable hold on me, a hold so strong that the devil himself can’t shake your influence off me.
How your fangs of manipulation have tore deep into my flesh, covering my eyes from seeing the demon behind that mask you call a face.

Alex and I got chatting thanks to my best friend Ella who made certain my pictures are always on display on her facebook handle. She called me on one of those occasions saying”babes e get dis hot dude wey dey ask for your pin, shey make I give am? And me being a sucker for hot guys shouted “yessss….babes send am na” in reply without giving it a second thought.
The first few chats weren’t at all indulging, just HELLO’s and HI’s every now and then. This continued for over two weeks and by the third week, I had run out of subscription.
I was going about my daily routine when I noticed my phone was flickering(which means its either a missed call or a notification). I drew in my pattern, the missed call icon popped up”seven missed calls from Ella…what could be so important?”I wondered. I called her back still anticipating the reasons for so much missed calls but before I could enjoy her caller tune,she picked. Skipping the pleasantries, she said”babes why haven’t you being online for awhile now? I just dey send u chat like say na chat n win promo”. I could have slapped her if she was in front of me but I couldn’t so the only choice I had was to tender answers but not without giving her a piece of my mind”like seriously? Seven missed calls just to ask about my absence from the social sites? Na wa ooo the way you think sometimes ehn…anyway my sub don finish and I no get money to buy”. Ella kept silent for some seconds before she finally spoke”Jessie dat ur guy wan use message kill me abeg I don send ur numba to ram no vex” before I could protest she hung up.”Why on earth will you give a total stranger my contact? Dis kind friend wey I carry draw body sef one needs to be careful ooo” I thought out loud.

Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days and days into weeks Alex never dialed my number, he even stopped coming online so I gave up on having any friendship whatsoever with him. Traces of Alex started to erase from my chats; the more I receive messages, the lower his name went. Ella stopped asking about him, she was beyond convinced the guy was somehow into me but was surprised at his way of showing it. Ella stopped by my bunk on her way back from work, like she’ll say each time I open my door”I say make I com greet you as you no dey remember to visit pesin but babes, I don’t understand how guys reason sometimes if he knew he wasn’t interested in you in the first place why bother? You needed to see the way he hits my phone up chats” I let out a yawn”Ella are you still on this guys issue? You are being too dramatic just abandon Alex’s ship…me I don move on tay tay”, I said I relaxed my head on her shoulders.

My phone rang not too long after Ella left.
“Hello!” I spoke into the receiver.
“Is this Jessica?” A soothing male voice asked.
“Its Jessie(I corrected)and how may I be of help?”Still clueless as to who I was speaking with.
“Its Alex,” he spoke with this mockery in his voice.
Shocked to my bones I replied”so you are actually real..,I thought you were a ghost”.
His laughter taunted my soul”come on honey,am in flesh and blood. Please do me a favor, get dressed,meet me at Top Notch restaurant in an hour”.he ended the call.

In less than an hour, I was standing in the hall of an exotic restaurant dressed in green figure hugging sequined gown. I stood there regretting my choice of clothing”I think I over did it…maybe its too tight…I guess he thinks I’m a slut by now… God what have I done, I’m too overdressed”. I was about to leave when I heard my name”Jessie!!!!” I turned around and the man I saw standing across the room was beyond breathtaking. There was Alex dressed like a prince motioning me to a table reserved for just the both of us, I was sure I flew over there cause my legs were just too weak to carry me. Alex eyed me from top to bottom before he commented on my dressing” wow!!! My jaw dropped the moment I saw you standing there, I was lost in my thoughts I’m so sorry I made you wait that long” I smiled”at least you loved the dress, was thinking I over did it”.

The dinner was over the top, best I’ve had since my mums christmas cooking. Alex own a leading press company in Nigeria, his been busy with work that’s why he wasn’t on line. I was already in cloud nine and the moment he asked me to be his woman I agreed.
The first months of our relationship was like being in my honeymoon without getting married but everything changed the second he heard I was expecting his child.
To be continued….

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