Shackled 2

Alex sat stiff, his face motionless it was as though I haven’t given him a lovely news: the kind of news every man sorted for especially those searching for the fruit of the womb. He looked me straight in the eyes for about ten seconds before he spoke”are you saying am going to be a father?”. I laughed”of course you are honey, we are going to be P-A-R-E-N-T-S so tell me when are we meeting your family?”, I asked. Alex still maintained his spot on the sofa but had this mischievous grin on his face, I was too overjoyed with the turn of events that I didn’t notice his swift movement towards me all I felt was a tight grip on my neck.

I woke up to see myself shackled to the king sized bed “what did you do that for? You could have hurt us you know and why am I being tied?”, I asked starting to feel nervous. Alex dragged a footstool beside me, resting his foot on it he said”you still don’t get it do you? You brought this upon yourself the moment you allowed that lil monster live inside you Jessie…you were only a distraction not a wife material”. Was I dreaming? Is this some kind of a joke? Maybe its april fools week but we are on the seventh month of the year…this isn’t right. I couldn’t hide my laughter, I scanned the room for sex toys(Alex loved going overboard in bed)but found nothing then it hit me, none of our gadgets were on sight no cell phones, no laptops or ipads not even a telephone was connected.

By now he was seated on the footstool, he brushed off stray hairs from my face then he said”I see…you’ve gotten quite acquainted with the situation you’re in. There’s no family for you to meet because am a happily married man with kids- three lovely kids by the way but I can always forgive your ignorance by offering two options”.
His words made my blood run cold but I managed to shun my fear, I needed to make him see I’m not easily intimidated so I spoke” if you didn’t want more kids, you shouldn’t have had unprotected sex with me a thousand times but that argument is worthless right now. What are my options “. He studied my tummy for awhile, he grabbed my neck again”how I wish I met you before my wife, you are such an amazing woman, the love I saw in your eyes were as pure as Gods love for stray Christians…if only you hadn’t been with a child “. He tightened his hold on my neck causing me to cough and choke at the same time before he listed out my options”either you abort that pregnancy or I kill you. Either way works for me, you have until sundown tomorrow to choose whose life gets destroyed yours or your poor harmless baby”. He left me there, in his house miles away from civilization, all the other houses in this part of Lagos loved being isolated but as they would refer to it”privacy”. No matter how I shouted they would never hear.

I sat there feeling sorry for myself, Ella probably think I’m having the time of my life but how do I reach her? How do I send a distressed call?I scanned the room one last time hoping to find any forgotten gadgets but nothing was let loose in this room I starting sobbing uncontrollably”God why me? All I ever did was love this psycho who calls himself Alex if that’s truly his name” I studied the environment from the open window I thought to myself it doesn’t hurt to try maybe someone could be passing through, I started shouting at the very top of my voice”help me! Help me!! Somebody…. Help meeeee…Anybody….please help us, I and my child are held against our will hhheeeelllpppp!!!”All I heard were echos of my voice. I was so shaken up by the situation I was in that I haven’t even thought about the options Alex talked about the night before(I looked at my tummy)”is killing you a ticket to live? No way!!! You just have to kill me Alex, that’s the only way you’ll get your paws on my baby I shouted”.

I needed to pee, I was thirty, I was hungry, I was experiencing slight cramps by the end of the second night, I said a little prayer hoping deep down that HE’LL answer. Alex didn’t show up at the house for four days, I had neither food nor water, I had to urinate on myself that was the only way to free myslef of the burning sensation I felt. The room was filled with the stench of adult urine, I was so drained of my energy that I prayed God will save us(I and my child) by taking our lives peacefully.
It was past six in the evening when I heard Alex drive in, I was happy at the same time sad; I was going to get off this soaked bed, take a shower, eat and most importantly drink water. I whispered to my child”dad’s back, don’t be scared mummy will take care for you”. The door flew open, the stench hits Alex nose but he was calm, overly calm if you ask me. He walked up to me, untied my legs”my love am so sorry I left you here without care and love I was busy at work”,he kissed me. I was surprised even more surprised at the way I responded to his kisses. He untied my hands, kissed my bruises I could have sworn I saw a tear drop from his left eye. He lifted me off the bed, ignoring I was soaked with urine, he took me to another room straight to the bathroom. He washed me clean, apologizing for what he did, it was if the monster in him had left.

We had dinner together that night and with every bite off his hamburger he apologised for everything he had done. He was only human, we all had ways of accepting the pregnancy news. I forgave him, I erased each and every detail of the past three days he was my baby’s father afterall. We made love like never before, he was gentle making sure he was not in anyway hurting me or the baby. We slept off in each others arms, I felt like we were back to normal. The next months were the best days of my life, Alex gave us everything we needed, we went on trips, short vacations everything was really back to normal.

I was in my second trimester, my baby bump was visible by now, Alex had turned the whole house into a nursery it was really cute to see him get ready for his fourth child. I punched in Ella’s number,she picked the call immediately”hello babes! Longest time oooo haa you just forgot about me since that you bobo come”. I laughed, if only she knew what the bobo was like”my dear no mind me jare na love dey turn my brain I just say make I yan you I don get belle”. ” You don get belle?” Ella asked surprised. “Yes na abi na crime?Babes I just wan let you know, take care”, I said before she could argue I ended the call. Alex rushed into the bedroom” who were you talking to?”, he asked. I lifted my eyes from the screen of my phone” twas Ella, its been ages since I last spoke with her. Why don’t we invite her over?”,I asked. Alex eyes darkened, he grabbed the phone from me”did you tell her what happened?”. I studied him for a while, I helped myself up from the bed” and what if I did, are you scared she’s gonna report to the police?” I said giving him a threatening stare. He slapped, pushed me, I landed on the floor with my stomach, before I could tell him it was only a joke he pounced on me. Alex gave me the beating of my life, it was as though his beast has awoken from a deep sleep, I gave it my best shot to protect my stomach then I screamed” I was only joking with you….I love you”he stopped hitting me but I was swollen all over. He helped me up, he started apologizing”my love I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me, I thought you wanted to blackmail me”. As I stood there wondering why I was so in love with this madman I started having contractions, in a split second I noticed a streak of blood flow down my thighs I was transported to fear world. I looked at him with hurt and disgust,”if I loose my child Alex, will never forgive you”.

He carried me to the car, my contractions were getting stronger and shorter and by the time we got to the hospital, I was soaked with my blood. A nurse asked” what happened to her sir? Alex looked at me with those lovely green eyes, I could see he was really sorry. The nurse asked again”what happened to her sir”. Alex didn’t know what to say, what lie to tell so he opted for the truth “We had an argument and I…..” I stopped him “I fell down the stairs, please get the doctor I don’t want to loose my child”
To be continued….

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