Episode three: She is crazy ‘You have no right to sit there, its my space’, said Mary to the girl sitting on the secluded seat she normally had her meal. The girl took a quick glance at Mary, and removed her gaze almost immediately. Mary felt insulted, dropped her mesh pan, and pounced on the … Continue reading SHADES OF TRUE DARKNESS (E3 of 4)

The Return Of Amadioha 2

I was almost fast asleep while I hear Papa and Mama talked and laughed low tones. A knock came at the door. The knock on the door was heavy in assumption that the person behind wanted to pull it down. My shut eyes were quickly opened and cold silence descended upon Papa’s room. I was … Continue reading The Return Of Amadioha 2


Boss Lady – Chapter One

Rosie closed her eyes as a few tear drops glided down each cheek from the edge of her eyes. The words she had just heard crushed her from within. They resounded in her head like someone had placed them on repeat. Her heart could not bear the questions racing through her mind… Have I just … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter One

Forbidden Love (episode 20)

    That Sunday morning, I got out of uncle Sam’s arms, leaving him snoring on the bed. I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I fried some plantain and egg then boiled water for tea. I wanted to be done before he was awake so I could serve his breakfast immediately. He always … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 20)