O Africa

O Africa you’ve lost your rhythm, the gentle sway of your hips, the light from your eyes is drained

face pallid, skin ashen, you look a mess, your clothes are strained

Dark circles under your eyes, a crooked nose, hair disheveled, your tress a mess

You’re running and running, where to you don’t know just to get far away from your fears,

you’ve been crying and crying non-stop, eyes swollen from all the tears


Just look at you, look at you

What have you become, what has become of you


You used to be so beautiful, skin glowy, body curvy, teeth pearly white

Skin blemish-free, everything about you was set just right

But you lost it, lost your sense of self, believed the lies, were used and abused and left for dead


Just look at you, look at you, look at you

Wipe away those tears, dust yourself up, fight those fears and stand up

You were deceived and betrayed, cheated, lied to but you’re not dead

The shame, agony, fear, sorrow but that’s no reason to bow your head

You can go beyond this, go back to your melody, get back to the rhythm, sing that song

Dance to that beat, revive that laughter, return to your glory and prove them wrong

O Africa look at you, look at you at  who you can become

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