NO FEAR! (Concluding part)

After fighting awhile- side by side, with my lion, the darkness dissipated and soon sun shone and the rays lit up everywhere. The jungle was no longer dead but alive. Alive with animals, sounds, beauty.
As the sun shone, light rain accompanied it. Where I came from it meant that a good thing was coming or about to come. The one commonly known is that a lion had given birth. I looked at my lion. It hadn’t given birth but it had saved me, in a way, it had made a new me.

I could hear the gush of water from a spring. It was beautiful, everything was more beautiful because my lion was there with me.
We’d won and now my lion had gone back to its previous size.
“I love you so much! Thank you for standing with me and fighting for me. Thank you for saving me, for giving me strength when I was weak and rest when I needed it.” And we sat, facing each other, our foreheads resting against each other.

The peace and calmness I felt was mellowing my system, I closed my eyes, playing with my lion’s mane, then I heard the voice loud and clear.

No fear! Never fear again, I’m with you. For now and forever.

I opened my eyes and looked around, there was no one but my lion. Then I understood. In its way, it had spoken to me.
Holding its gaze, I nodded.
“No more fear. No fear!” I agreed.

I woke up but without the worry that accompanied me whenever I did. I looked around and I was on my bed, not at the jungle and no more lion. What a dream!
At that moment, the burden that’d followed me to sleep was no longer present. I felt hope, strength. I’d defeated darkness in my dream. No matter how my present looked like after this moment, I’d already gotten my victory and my God was with me. Hadn’t he said so?!

I reached for my bible, the book I’d held while I cried myself to sleep the day before. Quickly, I opened to the passage that rang clearly with what I’d seen in my dream and there it was. My lion, my lion of the tribe of Judah! Holding the bible to my chest, I heard the voice that’d spoken in my dream in what sounded like an echo in my head saying; No fear!

Yes! No fear. It was time to experience what life felt like without living in fear about what the day might bring. Without doubt and unbelief. It was time to live life walking with my lion of the tribe of Judah!

The end.
WN: Thanks for reading!

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