My Crush

No one can identify with me when it comes to love, do you know why? No one has felt it like I have. Maybe God did. To me it is so many things and not anything. It has shaped me with its spears and daggers and has punctured me as well with its arrows. Now I have got so much stronger because those platelets it often left for keepsake have made for me a formidable fortress impenetrable by the fangs of heart break.

I sat up all-night wondering and pondering and brain storming storms of ideas as they flow in and out of my head, “of all the names that would have been given to it, of course I know that man creates all these words we see, but why the word ‘crush’?” I kept gnawing at it but the idea kept fading in and out like it was Nigerian power supply. It greatly baffles me to see so many rot in the system. No one enjoys anything but gets everything down here in my country. We don’t pay for the necessities of life like Hunger, poverty, corruption, starvation they come as promos and with side attractions and mouth watery benefits too, like cholera, diarrhea, kwashiorkor, and so on. I laughed my ribs out when a friend of mine cracked me a joke. There is love in sharing so I would share it anyways. don’t crucify me yet. I think it was something of this nature that is if my memory still serves me correctly.

A man entered UK illegally and was caught at the airport by immigration officers but he slipped away, no one knows why. He hid himself meticulously amidst the crowds and in a matter of seconds became invisible, he did not use any diabolical powers here but diabolical wit. The security officers asked that the light of the port be switched off and put on back and just like a smoked rabbit out of a hole the mumu guy shouted “Up Nepa” before he could recover it was too late. His hide and seek came finally came to an inertia. Just like the word “crush” played hide and seek with my mind, becoming vague at a time and at another, opaque. The word indeed stands at par with the referent and for me I would say it is more onomatopoeic since it suggests the sound in itself.

Crush crushed me in a gush of rushing moment. I saw this girl and just at a single glance like a prey I was drawn into her web. I felt uneasy and my hands shook at the same rate as my heart. I tried so hard to calm the troubled mind but my plans fell through. Still awestruck at this new realization I found a place I could to grasp enough air before I die of suffocation. On getting home I slumped into the cushion chair and chaired my mind back to the happenings of that day. I reached for several explanations to justify what had happened earlier because it can definitely not be love, who believes in that anyways. Was I hungry? I felt my neck to traditionally verify if I had malaria but nothing of that nature. I was perfectly fine. I went to bed sad because the reverie remains a mystery. There she was again this time in my dreams looking radiant in her beautiful white gown shaped to meet the standards of her curves and angles. This time I wasn’t only shaking but drooling like a dog, a dog? This nauseated me and I shouted out of my dreams into my mum’s face, “a dog” My mother was so shocked that she flung my head back and forth in Jesus’ name rebuking the dog that had pursued me in my dreams. You can’t imagine how she forcefully swung it in diverse direction more like a pendulum. Since the dog she heard did not bite me in the dream she took it upon herself to make sure that I lost my neck, mother’s love.

I don die! There she was again but this time not in white but pink. Again it started again, the shaking. “Not this time” I called out to put it in check. I ran as fast as my legs could take me out of her sight. It is becoming more scarier than I had thought it would. When I go to the cafeteria it her I see, when I go to class it is her in every corner. What have I done to deserve all these now. I was only a church goer initially but turned a mass server just to get closer to God to rid me of this sickness this lady had infected me with. I avoided her so much that she began to notice me and this got me more scared. I confided in my friend, Fasasi, about the sickness that has befallen me. He looked at me and laughed I was aggravated that I almost wanted to remove his shinny set of teeth with my small fist. That was impossible anyways mere infatuation. Fasasi was two of my size and hitting him is synonymous to writing a death will. How I became friends with him is what I am yet to find out. I made a grin face at him after he had had his gigantic laugh. He looked at me again and laughed this time mockingly. My eyes were already ready to send down rain drops from the sky when he dropped the tsunami, “you are in love, fool” I broke down into tears and he looked at me with dire consternation. How can I of all people be said to have fallen in love. Never I braced myself and walked out of his presence and told myself there and on that it is not love and I will confront her to prove it.
Story continues. Who wants to see it end.

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  1. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    I’m waiting for the end.

  2. Levuz (@Levuz)


    Following this all the way to the end deo volente!

    NIce one @eminefoh, Enjoyed every bit of this, welldone

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