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The dinner date was beyond awesome, it was wow!.The Ambience, the food, the wine, the music and Amir’s charming personality was on point😱😱, a rare combination to experience at once. She felt giddy with excitement😍,laughing to her heart content to one of his numerous joke. She could virtually feel herself floating on air all through the time she was with him and she could almost say he was “The one”. As she danced with him, she imagined herself on one of the top pages of a wedding magazine or Instagram page with about ‘10,000 likes’ and her beautiful love story boldly displayed for all to see.

She laid on the bed playing with her phone as she reminisced over the times she spent with Amir. The only problem she faced was confusion.

“How long does it take for one to define a relationship?” She thought to herself.

Although they had gone to several fun places she did not even know existed, he spiced up her boring weekends and the thought of him made her less edgy at work despite the gorilla work she had to deal with, but he was yet to give the relationship a name and she was too afraid to ask.

She was to hangout again with him tonight, but she did not want to seem too easy, so she lied that she was going out with someone else with the aim of making him jealous, for a moment she had forgotten that he was not the regular guy for he didn’t even ask who she was going out with or where she was going.

“Have fun chica”. He had said. His response infuriated her, as soon as she ended the call she let  out her frustration to the open space in her bedroom.

“Shit!” she cussed, hitting the pillow. When she was done expending her anger on the pillow, she picked up her Ipad, opened a new page and began to type in it .

I know it’s stupid to begin a diary at this age, when my mates are busy worrying about their Kids and Husbands.

I am tired of playing around , To be honest I sometimes wonder if I have a problem or am I being too choosy? I don’t think so cos’ I have to secure my kids future,I don’t want them to have a stupid person for a father.

Guys this days usually have too many ‘commas’ and I wonder where the guys they put on ‘Bella Naija’, ‘Wedding digest’ …etc  live. The men on their page are not only fine, they are also rich,  romantic and have good taste because the way they propose to their women is amazing and the rings are always on point…. **blinging diamonds**.

A knock and the gentle opening of her door made her pause in her writing as she look towards the entrance of the door.

“Yaaay” Karis screamed scrambling out of  bed when she saw the person who came in. “Look who the cat dragged in”. She squealed.

“Psh..Take it easy girl, you are usually too excited”.

“Not my fault girl,I have missed you so much Zoe”. Karis replied.

” awwww I  miss you too dear. You don’t want to know what I’ve been through, I am so tired of men”. Zoe replied as she hugged Karis.

“Don’t be tired love, we are all in the same boat”. Karis replied rubbing Zoe’s shoulders as she guided her to sit on the bed.

“What name do we even give this stupid boat we’ve found ourselves in?” Karis asked, eyes full of mischief as she thought of a suitable name

“Let’s name it ‘Cheating boyfriend boat” Zoe replied laughing.

“Then mine would be ‘complex indecisive prospective boyfriend boat’.  Karis rendered, laughing as well.

“whoa, how come I don’t know this ‘complex indecisive prospective boyfriend’? Zoe asked with a grin.

“Will tell you bout’ it later,”. Karis answered,shrugging her shoulders.

“OK. Let’s look for similarities, they are both men init?”

“And they are both giving us issues right?”

“ooook, so what re’ you saying …?” Karis asked wondering where Zoe’s line of thoughts were going.

“I have found the perfect name”. Zoe squealed with excitement as if she had just discovered the cure for cancer.

“Say it already”. Karis said impatiently

“I therefore the declare the name of the boat to be….. ‘The Man palava boat‘…Tada!” Zoe replied curtseying.

“High five girl friend”.

“So tell me what you’are going to do with Andrew? Karis asked. “Or for how long do you intend to stay in this “Man palava boat”?

As usual, Karis was always good at helping people solve their problem while hers remained unsolved. Putting Amir and his complexities behind her, she focused on her friend, Zoe, she was determined to help her from this man’s craze.


Kim walkers “Relentless Pursuit” song was playing when Andrew returned to the room. He laid beside her and just cuddled, silence ensued between them but their heart spoke volumes through the song. Enveloped in sweet darkness, Andrew’s body wrapped into hers, and the passionate voice of Kim walker, she felt a gentle breeze carry her to sleep .

You can have all of me

You can have every part of me

And I, am released to run after you,oh

And I,am released to run after you.

It’s a relentless pursuit,relentless pursuit.

I will not stop chasing after you.

It’s a relentless pursuit, a passion in pursuit….

She had come to see her friend Karis, after several weeks of locking herself away from everyone and now, Karis had asked after Andrew and she couldn’t stop the flashes of his body wrapped around hers that appeared in her eyes. She was lost in thought, lost in the sweetness of her memory and afraid to face the bitter reality.  Zoe  looked into her friends concerned eyes and knew that she had gone off her for a while.

“Zoe???” Karis questioned, worry written all over her face.

Zoe felt her lower lips tremble, she was still sour and didn’t want to talk about Andrew but she knew better than to ignore Karis. She quickly sucked on her lips to stop herself from crying.

“You know you can always talk to me”. Karis replied as she embraced her in a hug.

“Andrew cheated on me Karis”. She finally said, bursting out in tears.

“Is that why you’re crying? you are crazy! Karis replied, getting off the bed as if induced with electric shock

“I have a plan”. Karis said pacing the room. “by the way, lock up that water dam now!, if your Andrew is not crying over you then tell me why you’re crying???” She growled in a stern voice.

“What’s the name of his favorite hangout spot?”. Karis asked calmly as if she had not just scolded her seconds ago.

The look on Karis face made her answer quickly. She knew coming over to Karis and Deb’s place was the best decision, she was sure her broken heart will heal quickly for unnecessary tears were not allowed especially not over a guy.

She watched as Karis made several calls, making arrangements. All through the time, she just sat quietly on the bed lotus style, looking at pictures on Instagram from her phone.

“Let’s go”. She heard Karis say.

“Uh?, go where?”

“Meet me in the car”. Karis replied. Picked up her purse and walked out.

“Wait oooo, I’m coming” . She scrambled out of the bed to catch up with crazy Karis.

“I thought as much” Karis said with a wink.

They both walked down the stairs to the cars. She was about to get in when she paused to face Karis.

“I hope you know you’re crazy. I came to your house heart-broken, I’ll expect a proper girl friend to pet me instead what do I get? First, you scold me for crying, now you are ordering me to follow you to only God knows where..

“Awwww poor girl friend with a broken heart” Karis mimicked in a sarcastic tone.

“It’s not funny Kay”. Zoe snapped , pointing a warning finger at her.

“Hear me out Zoe, don’t think your ranting will make me remorseful cos’ I’m not in the least sorry at all .You have a choice, if you want to get over this heart-break quickly then come with me and if you want to continue to mope cos’ of that goat called Andrew then get into your car and go home”.

“You just called Andrew a goat, you’re crazy girl” . Zoe replied, Laughing. ” By the way I’m only going with you cos’ you made me laugh and I haven’t done that in a while.

“Let’s roll girl! whoooo. Karis shouted in excitement, giving Zoe a high-five.

Karis turned on the ignition of the car and zoomed off. Beyoncé’s ‘flawless’ song blasting through the car speakers.

And  Zoe danced and laughed, something she hadn’t done in weeks. She picked up her phone and recorded herself: “Number one rule to get over a heart-break, meet up with your crazy girl friend, they always have your back”….


For weeks, Leroy had been calling but she ignored his calls, not especially after he had beaten “Tochi” to a stupor.

She had sent Tochi the address so he could pick her up as agreed. She made sure she wore one of Leroy’s favorite dresses, contoured all the necessary part of her face and generously applied the perfume he had bought for her on Val’s day. By the time she was ready to meet Tochi, Leroy had already stopped crying and was now reading a book. She could tell he was not concentrating as she felt his eyes on her body while she dressed up but she totally ignored him.

She got out of the house and slammed the door for effect and cat walked with a  gentle sway of her generous hips to meet Tochi. She could feel Leroy’s gaze penetrate her back but she forced herself to stay focus .

She must have done a great job at seduction because the force at which Tochi jumped out of the car was epic. He ran towards her like a puppy excited to see its master holding juicy cooked meat. She allowed her breast crush into his chest in a tight hug . He must have been encouraged for she felt his hand slide down her waist to her bum. At first she was uncomfortable because no one else touched her that way except Leroy, but she endured and let him.

She could tell the elements of the universe were celebrating somewhere at the ‘speed of light’ new rivalry for speed for she suddenly found Leroy on top of Tochi punching him non-stop.She was stunned and the only person she could think of was her friend Karis.

With shaky hands, and mucus running down her nostrils , she dialed Karis number.

“Kay help me oooooo, Leroy is beating someone what should I do?”

“Relax babe, you say Leroy hit someone?”

“Yes oooooo”. Shade answered, tears streaking down her face.

“One last question, does the guy deserve this beating?”

“No ooo he doesn’t”. She responded .” Leroy please stop” .Shade screamed.

“Babe, stop acting like a market woman, at this moment Leroy is probably dull of hearing so you have to act quick before you get yourself in trouble”.

“Ok ok, what should I do ” Shade stammered.

“Do you have pepper spray?” Karis asked.

“Yes I do” .Shade responded hesitantly, a frown on her face.

“Spray it on Leroy, grab the other dude, take him to the car and zoom off”. Karis instructed in a brisk tone.

“Ehn are you mad! you mean I should spray Leroy’s face with pepper spray?” Shade asked, obviously shocked by Karis suggestion.

“Shade the poor dude is prolly close to his death by now, stay there and be asking me stupid question. Just make sure you send me the address of the prison they put you and your stupid Leroy in so I can visit”.  Karis retorted, disconnecting the phone line.

Karis brutal words put her brain into action. With a force she didn’t think she possessed, she pulled Leroy off Tochi, threatened to spray his eyes with pepper spray if he did not co-operate, helped Tochi get off the floor into the car and drove off.

She felt guilty for Tochi’s pain, and for the first time in three years, she cheated on Leroy. Afterall, if Leroy hadn’t beaten up the poor guy, she wouldn’t have been obliged to give him “apology sex’.

Now she was hiding from Leroy cos’ she couldn’t bear to face him after cheating on him…only God knew what he will do to Tochi again if he found out.


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