Magigo Saga: Haruni’s vision – Volume 2


Haruni’s vision
Haruni came running to the palace like a man possessed.  He was restless and his panic was transferred to everyone there watching and waiting to hear and know why he was acting strangely.  Even though the people have come to know him as a man of exaggerations,  but they had never seen him this way.  There were four chiefs at Obosi including King Kalarka that afternoon.  “What brings you to Obosi this afternoon son of Epa Ogbeni’s son? ” asked chief Osazin,  the senior palace chief.  “Your nervousness causes us fear for we’ve never seen you this way”. He sat down on the stair case just a few feet from the King.  He continued breathing heavily.  “Speak up Haruni.  What troubles you?”.

No sooner had he regained his strength, he began his account.  “Long may you live your royal highness and respected chiefs” he said and looking individually at the sitting chiefs.  Chief Ota acknowledged his praise which was meant to buy their support from the very beginning.  “I woke up this morning with the strangest of visions”. He continued.  “I woke up with the strangest of dreams my royal highness and there was a fearful voice that spoke to me”. Everyone present started looking at each other.  It was more of a ‘not again expression on their faces’. “What did the voice say Haruni? ” asked chief Ota. He paused a while still breathing heavily,  just only at longer intervals.  “There is going to be an impending disaster unless…” he paused again and the five pairs of eyes prompted him on.  “Unless the messenger goes to the edge of the earth “.  Chief Emilio came down sharply on him.  “What messenger? What end of the earth are you talking about?  What disaster?” He asked with disdain in his voice. “You must be hallucinating or you have come with one of your attention seeking stories”. He shut Haruni down when he tried protesting. Other chiefs began speaking at random, and the king had heard enough. “Calm down people”, he said with a tone slightly higher than he normally speaks but very firm.  “Haruni here,  has a worry.  We have to hear him out.  The cock will not always stand in the same position and crow every morning or will it?” as he added this parable which spoke volumes,  he was interrupted by chief Opiri. “Your highness.  Long may you live” he said. He was the oldest amongst them.  “The cock can’t always make the same music from the same position every morning.  He has to move ever slightly” he said.  “Just maybe Haruni is telling the truth,  how do we verify his claim? “. King Kalarka said “There will be a sign. There will be a definite sign”.

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