Life In Lagos

Walking in the streets alone was one thing that kept my mind racing, remembering the escapades, the air reeked of the foul stench of dry gin which emitted out of the mouths of Motorcycle riders popularly known as “Okada Rider’s”, they would all converge at a makeshift kiosk at early hours like these talking about their many experiences, laugh at each other, they mostly spoke Yoruba as that was the lingua franca of Lagos, I admired their care freeness, I admired how hard they’d work and still lavish part of the money on Spirit and dry gin, then the Hooligans in disguise of the so called N.U.R.T.W. would begin cursing the bus conductors and drivers in Yoruba over petty money threatening to remove the Wipers and side mirrors of the cars if they don’t comply to their requests, at times the conductor would argue with the Touts saying he had already paid, in which the touts would argue otherwise and it would lead to an altercation and vulgar exchange of words, and if not quelled Immediately turns from exchange of words to exchange of punches.




If you manage to find yourself sitting in a bus preferably the yellow one with two black stripes popularly known as “DANFO” it would test your temperance and perseverance, I remembered an experience of mine that was still fresh in my mind, I boarded a bus from Oshodi en route Yaba, I handed the man #500 and I didn’t ask for my change till I almost got to my destination, on asking the conductor for my change he denied ever receiving #500 from me, I tried convincing him but all efforts proved abortive, at that moment most people would already be abusing and exchanging curses, even starting fights with the conductor, but I just prayed and kept mute, till an angel sent by God paid my transport fare and gave me #350 and told me not to worry, I thanked her and I alighted at my destination. Assuming I had done what most people would do at that moment, maybe God wouldn’t have used that Woman.

It takes a person with good morals and someone totally filled with the Holy Spirit to overcome in this city of Lagos, but you find out things like these are going extant.

Eko o ni baje ooo!!

Living in Lagos

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