Let It Flow

Let it flow
Let it flow
Like the ink from the nib of my pen
When inspiration strikes at you
Like dart flying at the bird of prey
And you fall in line with the message it brings
Let it flow
Let it flow
When byword had been hidden within your breast
And you find a chance
Or perhaps a moment to let out steam
Like the tea maker pours coffee on a hot afternoon
Let it flow
Let it flow
Remember the floods that killed a thousand men
Started in trickles and drizzles
But in its moment of inspiration
It strikes the ground hard like river nile
Let it flow
Let it flow
My brother was a wayward goat
Stubborn enough to pull down the roof
Even the teachers were tired of his pranks
But in his moment of remorse, he gave his life to christ
Let it flow
Let it flow
Keep at it, don’t turn back
Like the motivational speakers would say
You never know, you never know
Which strike would bend the metal
Let it flow
Let if flow
Days turn to weeks
Weeks turn to months
Months turn to years
And very soon you’ll d be old
Let it flow
Let it flow
Like the great writers would say
It all started like a snippet of verse
Flying through my head, but as it comes
It becomes a full scale verse
Let it flow
Let it flow

3 thoughts on “Let It Flow” by samuel o-e (@benchmark)

  1. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    I like it. Nice@benchmark

  2. thank you adanna otuechere

  3. Nice one you got here

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