I saw her as I had 5 years ago, vulnerable, fragile and beautiful as she sat in the corner shivering.

She looked drained, hair ruffled, teeth clattering, trying her best to roll into a ball.

At that moment she looked like one of the chicks my parents once reared, trying to crawl back into its shell instead of hatching out from it.

I wanted to stretch out my arms to protect, comfort, cuddle and reassure her, I wanted to put on my chain of armor and be the knight who would spring her up on his horse and gallop into the night to live in a castle happily ever after.

I wanted to love her once more, but it would only be quite like the male tarantula spider who insists on mating with its female when the only possible outcome is his death.

As I turned my back away from the crowd in white trying to save me and the agent of my current pain, all I could feel was the pain rushing through me.

This latest incident had started like most of our altercations, words exchanged intending to cause the most hurt followed by Nike jumping up and down like a crazed woman.

I reached for my keys on the mantel piece and I heard her first, hurling my stack of books which had previously sat on the reading table in the corner at me.

She then pounced like a panther, surprising for one who didn’t like sports talk less of participate in them aiming for the keys.

Realizing what was about to happen, I moved quickly in the same direction.

She got to them first and stuck them in her bra daring me to take them forcibly while showering me with all the curse words she could recall from her younger days growing up in Ibadan.

I couldn’t escape this crazed being before me, her eyes gleamed with the look of one possessed.I was stuck in a corner and frustrated.

I don’t remember the knife stab, all I recall was me running into the kitchen with the hope of recovering my keys

Now, the pain in my heart hurt far more than those from my punctured sides which felt like that of a Haitian voodoo doll after the pins were pulled out or an animated pin cushion, where Nike had left the kitchen knife.

The pain in my heart made my decision for me. No man could take any more of this and keep his sanity.

I couldn’t vouch for how i would react next time if i faced this demon. I might choose to react like some medieval christian knight and stick my sword into the demon

I don’t trust myself not to react and match her violence.

This time I will save us both from destruction, this time I will close this chapter for good; our own good.

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  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    @chimanu2000, How did I miss this? See how homes quickly turn sour few years after marriage.I loved reading this, the picture was clearly painted. Nice

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