if this noise is countable,
i want to count millions, billions of strings, streams and rivers
that beams.
of many hills, valleys and hills,
i want to trace the whisper
of the hade.
if this tree speaks,
i want to hear this iroko, ogbeche, and
all mighty trees that makes a forest.
if this land weeps
and the sky cries,
i want to hear the tone
of this cacophony!

i have counted wails, rings, and trails,
i have counted all
bodily movement that speaks,
i have counted the
ever smiling cacophony,
let me count footsteps, stalking shadows
and silly steps,
let me count this dawn, this night
and this sun,
let me count these mythical silence!

on this pine tree did I stand,
surrounded with moss
full of sand,
let the rod of moses touch our see,
let this sea open
of rocks and hills,
let this still river
move and speak,
let this light rise
and shine,
let this ever lousy nation rise!

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