Somebody Loves You

He’s seated high on one of the playthings in the park. So high, he’s able to look down at everybody else.
He’s just a small boy but his eyes are wise, his ears sharp and he feels so disconnected from the world, a world filled with people, just like the park.

He’s so high on the plaything and everyone wants to be where he is, but they don’t know how.

The first person approached him;
“Um…could you get me up there. How did you do it?”

The boy looked at the person before him, disgust clear in his eyes for the actions the person has taken, but his voice was calm when he spoke.
“Nobody loves me,
You don’t love me.
You allowed your brother take the blame for fighting when it was your fault
You spread lies around, deceiving people and thinking you’re being smart
You know you only want to get up here so you can rub it in your brother’s face.
Nobody loves me,
You don’t love me”

The first person leaves, ranting, telling the crowd it’s impossible to get that high.
“The boy must have had some help.” He concluded.

The second comes, smiling and waving.
You are such a fine boy,
Your parents must be proud of you.”

The boy laughs, spares the second person a glance from his high position.
“Nobody loves me,
You don’t love me.”

“How do you know I don’t love you.
I just complimented you, didn’t I?”
The second person questioned, suddenly becoming annoyed.

The boy smiled.
“Yes you did.
But you are only saying that because you need something from me and when I give it to you, IF I give it to you, you won’t come to me again, until you need another thing from me.
You don’t love me.
You saw someone getting beat up and you did nothing to stop it, you even threw sand at the poor man when the other was through with him.
Is that love?
You just told someone before coming to me, how you had the right words and how you’ld convince me to show you how to climb your way up, then you’ld kick me away so only you can claim this spot.”

The second person was so surprised to hear his secret intentions revealed, his mouth hung open.

“You don’t love me.”
With a sad sigh, the boy added.
“You never did.”

“Stupid! Yes, I don’t love you. I never did, but mark my words, I will get up there with or without you!”. The second person said furiously and went away.

It hurt.
They didn’t love him.
Wasn’t it sad.
This world, this park filled with so many people and nobody loved him.

The boy looked around with a heavy heart, he didn’t want to stay up there alone. He wanted everybody with him but….

“Somebody loves you!”
Someone shouted.

He heard and so did the crowd. They made way for the person coming out.

The person came out, smiling and looking exhausted from fighting his way through the crowd.
“Hi, Hello and all the others. It’s really good to see you. I’ve heard so much about you. I’ve often wondered if I’ld see you and I’m glad I see you now.
I love you, I adore you.
I love that you loved me even before I knew you.
I love that you want us to do good, to be good even when it doesn’t pay. I can say, because I’ve tried…”

The boy raised a brow.

“And I’m trying.”, the person added with a laugh.

“Truly, it rarely pays. And sometimes the world makes it so hard to bring out the goodness one has, that you’re tempted to bite someone’s head off.”
He raised his hands in surrender, “Not that I have…bitten someone’s head off, that is.”. He was becoming nervous.

“But I love you and I try to do the little good I can. Though my heart is far from pure like yours, I want to be better because you make me want to be. And because I love you.
Good people want to do more but it’s just so hard at times and that’s not an excuse for letting the bad overtake us, I know.

We need you, I need you.
I need you to be my friend, I need you to guide my path and comfort me when the world goes against me. That’s friendship right? Being my strength when I’m weak. Come on, it must be pretty lonely up there. What do you say?
Will you help me?
Will you be my friend? We’ll do things together I promise.
And don’t forget I love you. I don’t want to be alone and you don’t have to be alone either.”
The person was now out of breath, waiting, hoping.

Then the boy smiled.

“You are right.
It’s lonely up here.
And you need a friend, so do I.”

The person smiled.
He hoped he would have a friend before the day was over.

“I love this world but they don’t love me. You do, because I’ve searched your heart.
You have a long way to go but despite what you witnessed earlier, you didn’t let it stop you.”
A tear dropped from his eye.
“You didn’t give up on me even when I tested you.

I love you more than you love me, than you’ll ever love me but that’s my deal. Your love is enough.
Come up.”
And the person did, to the amazement of the crowd.

I love you Lord!

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