Episode two: She sounds crazy

‘How do you plead?’, the prosecutor asked Mary.

She just stared, with tears streaming down, from her eyes to her cheeks.

Immediately Aunt Susan was able to process the fact that Mary had just stabbed her daughter before her own eyes, and possibly killed her in cold blood, she ran away to her room, screaming as she ran, for everyone to stay inside. Immediately her husband, understood what she was telling him, he dialed the police, and they quickly came, and carried her away, bringing with them an ambulance to check on Sabina, who was pronounced dead, and her corpse taken away from the kitchen floor.

Aunt Susan was in pain. Her baby had been murdered, by her other baby. She couldn’t bear to look at Mary’s face, for her pain seemed to multiply each time their eyes caught sight of each other’s.

She wondered what she did to deserve this, and for the fact that Mary looked all innocent, she couldn’t understand why she did it.

‘I ask again. How do you plead?’, the prosecutor put forward to Mary, who was very sober, and at the point of breaking.

Mary answered, ‘I didn’t want to kill her. He told me to do it, and I couldn’t resist’.

Aunt Susan began to have an attack episode, she couldn’t bare to listen to her dear niece sound crazy.

The paramedics immediately rushed in, to attend to her. Mary from the prosecution stand started screaming, ‘Aunty I’m sorry, he made me do it. The man in red made me do it. I’m so sorry’.

Aunt Susan was resuscitated, and was carried with a stretcher into the ambulance, she was to be taken to the hospital for better care, and observation.

The judge was ready to give his judgement. In concurrence with the jury, Mary was to be committed into a juvenile correction facility for first time offenders, with hopes that she attains the required level of correction under the scrutinizing eyes of watchful guardians, for the next one year, in which case she gets a retrial to determine how to proceed with her case.

Mary’s parents, cousins, and friends looked on in tears as sweet, innocent Mary was been walked out of the docks to where the transport van was packed, outside.

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