Self Love

Self Love

There she is, looking so different
Staring back at me without any offence

‘Tis so unlike her
She would have given a million reason to carp
Making me vent out in anger for looking at her

This bae looks comely today
So much seems to have changed by the day;
She was always scared to stare back at herself;

But now;
Her hair
Black, full and shinning;

Her temple
Though scared, but looks so smooth

Her eyes;
So clear and no longer puffy making her grey eyeballs visible

Behold Her nose and lips
Perfecly formed to compliment her face;
Her pinkish lips with the thin brown line below
Looking so soft and I was tempted to feel;
But was withdrawn by the hard surface of the mirror

Her smile;
Broad and real
Makes her so pretty and dazzling

Unlike her former plastic smile that fades away in a twinkle

Neck and body;
So fair and looking soft
An angel from above she must be!

Everything so perfect despite her defect
What has changed?
She asked;
And A voice replyed
You have to love every bit of yourself first
Before you love me.

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