School Of Life

School of Life

So there I was in the ‘School of Life’, at first I found it very tough.
Struggling with the lessons, finding them so hard at such a young age.
Almost like putting a baby in secondary school. After much stress and strain I had advanced enough to be promoted to a higher class.

It was such joy to leave that first class behind and not have that most ferocious teacher again.

The elation and anticipation was short lived, rather than being put in a class of ‘peace and progress’ my new class was a place of ‘fear and pain’.

I soon realised that unless I greatly improved I would not be moving on to were I wanted to be.
Having observed those in the class of ‘peace and progress’ I could see they were very happy. Their teacher was a lovely, gentle man who gave his all to the students.

It was tough going in the new class, for me and others too. The teacher was very hard on us, if we failed a test he’d smack us causing pain, tears and heartache.
All this got me down and I became so weak I thought about leaving this school altogether.

When it came time for the exams, to see if we could go up to the next class level, I failed miserably and had to stay in the same class.
It was just as bad this time around, I could never understand the lessons and it was so difficult to cope with it all.

I began to feel low and weak, so much so it showed in my face.
There was a permanent frown on my brow, mainly due to the harsh treatment I got from the teacher. I tried all ways to get out of school but couldn’t.

One day, a senior in “The School Of Life’ came to my class, checking on things generally. He never had the intention of meeting me, but he was surprised to see a grown up with her head bent to the table, he could see the lines of my frown without me lifting my head.

He came to me and tried talking to make me feel better.
I didn’t like him trying to be my friend, I’d never really made friends in all my time at school, mainly due to the fact that I had to keep repeating the same class level.

So I lied to him about myself and everything, but he saw through me and felt my pain and anguish. Every day he would come and help he with my lessons.
It was so good, I no longer felt threatened by the teacher and advanced enough to go on to the next level.

Everyone was surprised at how well I had done, I even got a hug from my teacher.
I was very relieved and happy, full of hope for a better time in the next level.

But as usual, it was the opposite, next level was known as
‘neglect and sorrow’.

I didn’t feel the stress of the lessons that much as my friend was always there to help me understand the lessons.
He told me I had to let go of my grudges to help me get through the class. Also that I should learn to control my anger and frustration.

He told me I was great and that if I worked really hard I’d be a success in whatever I chose to do with my life. So I did my very best from then on.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
Mark Twain

I also learnt that you don’t have to take life to seriously, smile and laugh when you can and show love to everyone along the way, even if it’s not reciprocated.

Be happy despite your pain and see the the good in every bad situation.
You need someone to shines on this planet and someone, somewhere needs you to shine too. Never ignore the importance of friendship.

I understood the proverb
“Two are better than one, for if they fall, one will lift up the other.
But woe to him that is alone, for when he falls, no one will help him up.”

It was a hard lesson, but I did great with my friend at my side.

But tragedy came (that is what I would call it), my friend stopped coming to check on me. I waited and waited endlessly, but there was no sign of him anywhere.
I knew I had offended him a few days back, but didn’t see it as enough reason to leave without telling me why.

I cried during lessons, I was alone again and didn’t know what to do.
I couldn’t get out of class, couldn’t walk around the school. Well, that was what I made myself believe.

Everything looked bleak and hopeless.
I’d keep looking out the window to see if he’d walk by, but there was nothing, not even a glimpse of him.

I was sad, but decided to face the final exam and maybe, if by chance he came back, I’d have something to show him, something I’d achieved on my own.

And Yes! I sailed through that level.
It was a great joy not having to repeat the same level again.
That was my breakthrough in the ‘School of Life’, from then on I studied and advanced with ease.

My friend came back eventually, I was glad to see him again and we mended the bridge between us, he told me how his former class was really tough and his reasons for leaving:
I was just too rigid and he wanted me to learn on my own..

We could now help each other with our lessons, I had learnt so much since he left. We made great friends and became a great team, through him I saw a better way of life and was able to bury my bad attitude and found reasons to face my studies with great determination and with success in mind even if I found myself in the tough classes of ‘The School Of Life’.

During those days in ‘The School Of Life’ when my friend was away, I had a meeting with the proprietor of the school, something I should have done a long time ago.
I opened up to Him about my worries and fears.
Little did I know, He is a King and owns the land where ‘The School Of Life’ is situated.

Talking with the proprietor, I realized I couldn’t move to the next level without him, I guess that’s the reason I had great success when my friend was away.
Also I realised the students who seem happy and content were very close to the proprietor.

I regret my naivety of not meeting Him soon, but He is kind and loving, He told me “We can start from now to make up for all your years of naivety.” That was how the door opened for me in ‘The School Of Life’.

Though I still had tough lessons and rigid teachers, I was able to succeed knowing the proprietors was there for me.

After my friend returned we helped each other out with our lessons. I already had an idea what my friend’s feelings on the school were.
Not good, not bad, occasionally extremely painful.

I started stepping out little by little and I met some nice students in school. We became quite close, a few shared the same passions as me and helped me when the going got tough.

I also met a girl in the same group, but we were so different. Although she’d struggled at school she was strong and determined to succeed.
We became good friends and we tried to help each other out with the lessons that were complicated. I tried hard to encourage her when necessary and our friendship grew.

Months later, I had improved greatly, but not to satisfactory requirement.
I met up and made friends with someone who proved to be of help to me.
He aroused the enthusiasms in me, I felt I could achieve great results in school if I believed and worked hard towards my goals.
“Every man, woman and child has infinite potentials just waiting to be awakened.”

I wasn’t sure, but thought he was in one of the lively, good classes in ‘The School Of Life’.
He was of good spirit and I felt able to open up to him when I was challenged by the work. He tried to help but sometimes It was difficult for me to even understand him.

I wasn’t alone, others were struggling with their lessons just like me.
The way I saw it was like this, though our race and paths in life were different, you have to embrace and help each other as best as you can.

Also you don’t need to feel bad when others neglect you and see you as a nonentity, that’s their opinion it doesn’t mean you have to see yourself that way too.
Keeping your head up and standing tall will outshine their opinion of you.

I came to realise, tough and rigid teachers are there to help you grow.

Through my sadness and despair I started to understand we have to make and seek our own happiness in life.
I began by looking fear in the face, aimed to be bold despite the tests that scared me.

Though I made my progression I failed in these things:

Courage – I was never bold enough to confront my fears, hiding away rather than face them.

Faith – No belief in my possibilities, seeing the bees rather than the honey, really sceptical about everything.

Friendship – Just leave me to myself, I could cope without anyone, though I wished I could talk and share my pain with someone..

Love – I didn’t even love myself, how could I love someone else.
I didn’t see any reasons to care or hold anyone tightly in my heart..

Comparison – I was always comparing my life to others, wanting to be like them, never knowing being ME is the best.

Trust – I had huge problems dealing with trust, however anyone tried to help me I would find ways to settle my own inner conflicts, just didn’t believe what people said. Finding trust in the proprietor of the school was my saving grace.

The one thing makes ‘The School of Life’ unique is the many courses and subjects they have to offer, more so than anywhere else.

Some find themselves in the place of joy and happiness, while others are enduring pain and sorrow.

Some glory in the riches of greatness whilst others struggle in anguish.

Where some bloom in health and safety, others strive to thrive.

You mustn’t give up no matter where you find yourself in ‘The School Of Life’, that was the motto.
Who knows, you might be found worthy and advance to a higher level when your diligence and commitment is noticed.

Give it all your best, don’t under estimate your qualities and strengths.
Keep trying!

Something that amaze me in ‘The School Of Life’, when someone graduates, people mourn, crying and feeling bad for the graduate. For the dropouts they mourn too, although blaming them for not trying hard enough. They say awful things about them, saying they are weak, when really the accusers wish they could just take that step and dropout as well.

The joy that comes in ‘The School Of Life’ is when someone moves up to to a higher class, a just reward for all their hard work.

This is my life’s drama.
The lessons I have learnt.
My experiences in ‘The School Of Life’.
Still learning and hoping to graduate with good grades.

‘The School Of Life’ is great for everyone who attends, flowing with the teachers and helpers knowing that someday ‘we will overcome’.

“If you’re feeling discouraged and defeated—don’t quit. Play on, hope on, and move forward. The music you play—even in the midst of incredible darkness—can and will turn the tide of your own battles.”
Seth Adam Smith

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  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Great motivation…although, I feel you could have used fewer words.
    Well done

  2. Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

    I tried to make it short, but It didn’t have the insight I wanted so I add more words and paragraphs.

    Thank you for reading!

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