The Russian Connection – Prologue

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World war three fell upon the world like a shadow cast from a sudden eclipse.  The signs had been there, but nobody believed it would ever come to this.  America had for more than a century kept the world from imploding on itself as it was wont to do, time and time again.  This was by no means a free service.  The world’s most powerful country sought to maintain an influential stake within the nations it reached out to develop.  It was a matter of national interest that it ensured no other super power, stood on equal footing with it.

Of course this did not sit well with the rest of those super powers, but they had a stake in the great dream.  Ultimately it was deemed wiser to align one’s self with the lords of the west, than to take a stand against them.  The lesser countries were monitored with mild interest.  Rather than war, the occasional sanction was enough to break the backs of leaders who huffed and puffed on airbags ripe for deflating.  In the super powers’ eyes, they had accounted for everything.  They forgot terror.

And so it was that terror crept over the world.  From the turn of the 21st century, with each brazen and deathly attack, those who lived in the safety of their cocoon realized that the world would never be the same again.  The powers rushed to show their might, raining down fire from the heavens on those who dared to strike fear into their homes.  Yet the lesser ones resisted, and persisted until soon the powers realizing that America was weakening, began to rekindle dreams long put to rest.  A conniving had begun, and it ran deep within the overlay of information that had long shrouded the world.  Slowly, what was done in secret, had bubbled to the surface.  Terror had been the distracting seed, and it had worked beyond anyone’s imagination.

The first nuclear bomb since 1945, went off on the 29th of February 2020.  The epicenter of the nuclear blast was on 41 Stratford, Central London.  That was when everything changed forever.

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