Restore 4

Late Thursday night Jade was in her home office looking through some case files when her cell rang. She frowned at the intrusion and debated not picking at all on seeing it was a number she didn’t recognize. Who could be calling this late at night? Something urged her to pick though and she reluctantly did so.

“Hello?” she said crossly into the receiver.

“Hello. Is this Mrs Jadesola Adeniran?”

“Yes please.”

“I’m sorry to inform you ma’am but your husband has been in an accident.”

“My husband?”

“Yes please. Mr Wale by the name on his driver’s license. You are his wife right? Your number is listed here as his next of kin.”

“Oh my God!” Jade exclaimed. “Accident? How bad is it? Where is he now?”

“It was pretty bad ma’am and he had been rushed to UCH.”

“Oh my God.” Jade was flustered. “Thank you so much.” She managed to reply. “I’ll head out now.”

Wale? In an accident? “Oh my God, please have mercy Lord. Take charge of the situation Lord. His life is preserved in the name of Jesus.” She prayed as she frantically searched for her car keys. She was disoriented, she was sad but a part of her was angry.

Just the typical Wale. Just like him to go out late at night cavorting around the city like a jobless man, then go a have an accident and throw the rest of us into despair. Selfish, selfish man. Her mind had fallen into its usual tirade against Wale unconsciously. She was so used to blaming him for everything, it took a few moments to occur to her that she was been unfair, once more. Oh, I’m sorry Lord, I’ve fallen into my usual habits. How do I survive this? How do I show love instead of condemnation? Help me Father, for I am but weak.

By this time, she had found the keys she was looking for in the living room and rushed out of the house. She prayed the rest of the way for him and refrained from calling their son until she was properly apprised of the situation.

She got to the hospital just a little past 12am and went straight to ‘accidents and emergency’ department. Thank God she was familiar enough with the huge hospital not to afford her unnecessary delay. She had been acquainted with the hospital about two years back when a colleague of hers collapsed at work and they had rushed him in. That experience saved her the hassle of trying to locate Wale in such a big hospital.

She went straight to the information booth and addressed the attendant on duty. “Wale, please? Mr Adeniran? He was rushed in from an accident site about an hour ago?”

“Yes, who are you?”

“I’m his wife.” Never mind that that little clause could be debated. At least he did not have any other wife for now.

“Okay. You’ll have to wait because he’s in surgery right now and it might take a while before we hear anything. Try and relax, okay?”

Better said than done. Lord, I need your strength right now.

“You can wait at the visitors lounge.” The attendant continued. “I’ll make sure the doctor locates you as soon as he’s done.”

“Oh thank you very much. I’ll really appreciate that.” Jade enthused profusely.

The nurse smiled and waved her off while she turned to attend to another anxious relative.

Jade’s body slumped as soon as she left the information booth. All the anxious energy propelling her all this while left her and she felt fully the impact of the situation. She managed to drag herself to the lounge and sagged onto the nearest seat she could find. Tears coursed down her face as the thought of losing Wale crossed her mind. How will she survive it? How will she bear the pain? And most importantly, how will Segun survive without a father?

She had constantly upbraided herself for the shameful part she played in turning father against son and had asked God for forgiveness, while trying to undo what she had done. She had been so embittered after the divorce that she had frustrated every attempt Wale made to have a relationship with his son. She couldn’t bear having him around, so she had denied her son that too. For every one of Wale’s faults, he had been a loving father, she couldn’t deny he had loved his son and still loved him.

Despite her many attempts to redo the past, Segun had remained angry at his dad. Her constant tirades had the necessary effect on his young mind and he had not forgiven his father for leaving them. She tried to explain to him it was as much her fault as his dad’s but she could do no wrong in his eyes. He laid all the blame at his father’s door.

After she found Christ and understood the extent of damage she had done, she had tried to reconcile them but Segun would have none of it. He was not ready to have a relationship with a man who deserted his mum, and that was that. Maybe, just maybe, this situation would remedy that one. God, please don’t let him die.


It seemed like days before a doctor approached Jade where she was slumped. She had cried herself to sleep and jerked awake when she heard her name called. She stood up and looked at the doctor eagerly; he was a young man, probably in his late thirties.

“Are you Mrs Adeniran?”

“Yes please. How is my husband?”

“The surgery was successful but I wouldn’t say he’s completely out of the woods yet. You see, he had internal bleeding due to the impact, and if his seatbelt had not been on, the story might be different. He was hit by a trailer at an intersection; the trailer lost its brake and therefore lost control, hitting your husband’s car from the rear. His spleen had to be removed too because of some damage but he should make a quick recovery. We’ll watch him overnight; by tomorrow we should be able to give you a better report.”

Jade nodded. “Thank you so much doctor. God bless you.” She took his hand and squeezed it.

The doctor smiled. “You are welcome madam. In the meantime, try to relax or go home if you can. Nothing is going to change this night. We’ll just monitor him overnight.”

“Thank you but I’m staying right here.”

He smiled again. He must have been used to overzealousness in relatives of the sick and injured. “Very well then. We’ll keep you updated.”

“Thank you doctor.” She clasped his hands gratefully.

Jade sat once more and covered her eyes with her hands. “Thank you Lord.” She whispered fervently. “I am eternally grateful to you for sparing his life. You are a good God.”

She debated calling Segun but decided to wait till morning as the boy will most likely be asleep by now. It can wait till morning. She relaxed on her seat and continued singing praises to God until she drifted off to sleep once more.

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