Should I Quit School ? Question Disturbing Teenagers

Dropping out of school Or quitting school simply means stopping half way, and not being able to continue or further our education. They are reasons which makes some one want to quit school, For example, they may have learning disabilities or emotional and behavioral problems that interfere with their learning and achievement. Others may be students whose cultural backgrounds don’t mesh easily with the dominant culture at school. Still others may be students from home environments in which academic success is neither supported nor encouraged. Students at risk come from all socioeconomic levels, but children of poor, single-parent families are especially likely to leave school before high school graduation. Boys are more likely than girls to drop out. Students at greatest risk for dropping out are those whose families speak little or no English and whose own knowledge of English is also quite limited.

Other Reasons Include:

A history of academic failure. Students who drop out may have a history of poor academic achievement going back as far as third grade. On average, they have less effective reading and study skills, earn lower grades, obtain lower achievement test scores, and are more likely to have repeated a grade level than their classmates who graduate will be more advanced and ahead of them..

Older age in comparison with classmates. Because low achievers are more likely to have repeated a grade level, they are often older than their classmates. Some, but not all, research studies find that students who are overage in comparison with classmates are especially prone to dropping out of school. Quite possibly, school becomes less attractive when students find they must attend class with peers they perceive as less physically and socially mature than they are.

Emotional and behavioral problems. Potential dropouts tend to have lower self-esteem than their more successful classmates have.

Frequent interaction with low-achieving peers. Students who drop out tend to associate with low-achieving, and in some cases antisocial, peers Such peers may argue that school is not worthwhile and are likely to distract students’ attention away from academic pursuits.

they are other reasons why student feel they have to drop out of school, but lets stop there and move to the dangers which associate in dropping out of school.


Dangers of dropping out of school


One way in which people are affected by their decision to drop out of high school is a greater chance of being unemployed. The unemployment rate for young high school dropouts was roughly 54 percent in 2008, according to a report from the Center for Labor Market Studies. The same report states that the unemployment rate for those who merely completed high school was significantly lower, only 32 percent.

If your living in a country like Nigeria, dropping out of school, should be the last thing that will ever cros your mind.


Lower Income

When high school dropouts do find employment, they earn, on average, significantly less than those who completed high school. A 2006 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development stated that high school dropouts in America earned a mere 65 percent of what their peers who completed high school earned. Of all the countries included in the report, the difference between these two groups was the largest in the United States.


Incarceration in some sort of correctional facility, such as a jail or juvenile detention center, is also a more likely scenario for high school dropouts. According to the Center for Labor Market Studies, only one percent of students who complete high school end up incarcerated between the ages of 16 and 24. However, 6.3 percent of high school dropouts end up incarcerated at some point between the ages of 16 and 24.

Missed Opportunities

Another, less tangible consequence of dropping out of high school is missing all the different opportunities that come about as a result of finishing high school. High school is a good place to explore intellectual interests, play team sports and meet friends. By completing high school, students can also go on to a post-secondary school and further expand on those opportunities. Even if they choose not to, they leave that option open for later in life.

So I hope after reading this article dropping out of school will never cross your mind again..

One thought on “Should I Quit School ? Question Disturbing Teenagers” by Ndifreke (@Ndifreke)

  1. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Motivational speakers will point out that some of the richest people in the world are school drop-outs. Now I’m not trying to contradict your article but one of the examples you mentioned; those whose parents can’t afford to send them to school. What will happen to them if what you pointed out is what they have to look forward to? It is not their fault and it doesn’t mean that they will end up in juvie or find themselves in lower position than their mates in future.
    I hope you know that going to school doesn’t equal exposure or enlightenment because there are some educated illiterates which is just sad, most of the time, they are narrow-minded.
    These things aren’t black and white, there are different shades of other colours in between, that’s why it is called life. Nothing is black or white. Don’t forget that going to school is not an end but one of the means to an end. It is only a stepping stone.
    Please, if anyone is thinking of dropping out (and you can afford the price for education), don’t. Just see it as an investment to your future and when you are out just do what you feel like doing. God help us everyone! Thanks for the article.

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