A little longer

A Little Longer; A love Convo

A Little Longer ; A love Convo

“What can I do for you?”
What can I bring to you?
What kind of song would you like me to sing?

“‘Cause I’ll dance a dance for you
Pour out my love for you
What can I do for you beautiful king?

“Cause I can’t thank you enough……”

I pause to meditate : Do I have the capacity to do all of these things? ‘Cause I can only love God because he showed me what love is. He is the author of love and I can only love him through his liquid love which he poured on me.  The love which the world refers to is a counterfeit. ..So tell me how can I who don’t know the meaning of love  pour  love on he that owns the love but I still want to love him ….. Is this not a lot?

I don’t want to fail in this? I think this is  too much for me to do…

Then I listen on…

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