Forbidden Love (episode 19)


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Two years later

After the death of Mesonma’s parents, their relatives came to a conclusion on who would be responsible for both Mesonma and Esther. As much as they didn’t want them separated, Esther was to move in with one of their aunties while Meso was to move in with uncle Sam in order to reduce cost and reasons only known to them. Things were not so smooth the first few months after the death of Meso’s parents because there were a lot of changes and transition. She was separated from her sister, separated from friends and her old life basically. She also had to change school where she eventually lost contact with Anabelle, her close friend and Daniel, her school father.


Meso’s pov

It was a Sunday morning and there I was in the arms of a man who I thought I loved and cherished. Uncle Sam who had crept into my bed the night before held me close to his chest as he kept slept while snoring noisily. He had made love to me and filled my ears with nothing but love words the previous night. This was my father’s brother. Yes! You are about to say how wrong and filthy it is but at that point in my life, he made me as happy as I could be. He made it seem right, so I thought anyway. When I look back, I wish I hadn’t allowed it.

At the age of 14, I was already experiencing the things I never thought I would at such a young age. Uncle Sam had promised to love me forever no matter what. He had mention so many things I always wanted to hear and he succeeded in winning my heart over with them. I was so young yet I knew what it all meant. This was the phase of my life when I thought I wouldn’t be able to live without my uncle.

It all started a few months back when I had been seriously down. I had been feeling down because I felt like my world was turning upside down. I was being bullied at school and called ugly several times. I was missing my parents and my sister. I was never just in a good mood. This particular Friday evening, uncle Sam came back from work and I didn’t go out to greet him as usual. I was actually just sitting down on my bed in my room with only a towel wrapped around my body. I sat at the edge of my bed crying silently. I was drowned in my own thoughts that I didn’t realize uncle Sam had been calling out for me.

I recall uncle Sam coming into my room like he had just seen a ghost. He came and sat close to me trying to get me to say what was wrong with me. He had said he was calling out my name but because I didn’t answer, he decided to come check me in my room. I remember that the stench of his breath was very discomforting. He had had a few drinks again. Even though he wasn’t usually drunk, he wasn’t still in his full senses. I didn’t care at that point, didn’t care about anything. I was just very upset with life. He held me close, still insisting that I tell him what was going on. So I finally spoke up and told him about everything. How much I was being bullied in school, how much I missed my sister, how much I missed my parents and how upset I was at life itself. He only consoled me and made promises. Promises to make it up to me, promises to always make me happy, promises to do what ever it would take to make me see life as meaningful again.

I don’t know why this happened but it suddenly became quiet and uncle Sam held my face, bringing his lips closer to mine. I don’t know why I didn’t move but I let him take charge. He slowly took off my towel and crashed into me. I didn’t struggle, didn’t object. I let him do to me whatever he wanted. He said he loved throughout that night while he made love to me like he would call it. Because I didn’t know the meaning of everything, I told him I loved him back with tears rolling down my eyes. I thought that was what love was about but deep down I knew it didn’t feel right. My heart aches each time I remember that night because I didn’t fight back. That was the beginning of a forbidden love. Something that should never have been called love in the first place.

To be continued….


If you are reading this, please be aware that this story is a fiction. It does not apply to anyone in particular but it is something I believe the world should be aware of. Sometimes we might not smell the burning food even when it’s right under our nose. There are so many things happening in the world. So many young girls, so many young boys in need of help, in need of mentors, in need of guidance. They are either being abused by relatives, friends, strangers….etc. We need to be conscious about everything and everyone around us. What you think does not/can never happen might actually have happened/is happening. Let’s be careful, spread the word. And try to save many from dipping their fingers into the fire.

Thanks for reading this episode and once again, I’m very sorry for the late update.  I’ve been really busy with a lot, that’s why I couldn’t post for these past weeks. Also, it kind of takes time before one’s post is published since there are a lot of posts that needs to be reviewed so please bear with me. 

Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    How sad for a girl that age… True to your words, stranger things than fiction are happening around us that go unnoticed.


    I really feel bad, I imagine myself or my daughter in her shoes. This world is mean & those who kill us are people close to us. I have learnt a lot since I started reading this story & I will be mindful of young guys, brothers, neighbors when I eventually marry & start building my home.

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