Curved Lanes 2

Arnold was damp  from a lot of sweating.He had decided to go hard on himself.As he made his way to his apartment,he ignored the elevator and used the staircase – he wanted to work himself to a state of exhaustion and numbness. As he jogged to his floor, Aderopo’s face merged into his imagination;he could remember his smile,the  crassness of his laughter,his deep baritone voice – it was all so vivid in his imagination…it was painfully clear.The minute he reached his floor,Arnold gasped for air.Breathing heavily,he took a continuous gulp of air before he finally regulated his breathing.He was a man,a bona fide Nigerian man;he would not cry.

Stealthily,he opened the door to his apartment and locked it immediately.He exhaled.Finally,he could express himself in the confines of his home.”ahhh Ropo! Padi mi! You com die leave me…how am I supposed to live with myself? What would you think of me now? Argh!”.He gritted his teeth in pain.Yes.He was in pain.He was in so much pain;He was surprised that he had not committed suicide yet.As he stifled his tears,flashes of his last moment with Ropo came in a rush.He could remember the bitter words that were exchanged,the rage,the broken glasses…the last look his best friend gave him.
“Why!! Why did you not give me the chance to make things right again! How can you die! How! I never said sorry…I’m sorry Ropo I’m so sorry…”.He broke down in tears.As he cried,he could feel his soul being torn apart,he could feel his heart being shredded…he could see Ropo smiling with satisfaction.What punishment would have been more appropriate than this? He remembered the exact minute he read the letter;He could hear the roar of Ropo’s laughter in his head.It was so painful;his head throbbed all through the night.

Right there and then, he knew he had to fulfil his best- friend’s wish,for that was the only way he could save himself.He would see Chinelo again.He sighed,starring into space- “I’m coming home”lonely

3 thoughts on “Curved Lanes 2” by Zcheye (@Feyiseyefunmi)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    Nice, although I cant connect it much to the first part.
    Watching out though.
    kudos to your pen.

    1. Zcheye (@Feyiseyefunmi)

      Lol.Thanks..p.s: You’ll be able to grasp the plot of the story line soon enough .keep reading.I really appreciate your comment.

      1. Levuz (@Levuz)

        @feyiseyefunmi. Welcome always.

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