Gbadegeshin is dead!

The undertakers danced with the casket as if they knew his afterlife was sure. As if heaven was his abode.
As his wife and kids threw in some sands into his grave with a shovel, I thought to myself;
At least I know where a man’s body is buried, regardless of his affluence.

“Dust are we and to dust we shall return” the pastor said, followed by the wails of dark attired mourners.

Then I thought,

Where do we bury the soul?

I was contemplating on this in the dark corners of my room as sleep toiled with my eyes. My eyes became very heavy, and in no time I lost the battle but again felt myself jerked up to life. I was actually being dragged by two men dressed like undertakers. I couldn’t see their faces, they were like shadows in dark hides. The struggle was so intense I felt a deep and thorough pain in my whole being. As the two dragged me harder, I realized what was being done to me, I was being pulled from my body!
I called for help but it seemed my voice was swallowed up by emptiness.
I saw my sister come into the house and the glass cup that shattered on dropping from her hand when she saw my convulsing body sent shards that splittered noiselessly. The world around me suddenly went into a slow motion as if the beings casted a spell on gravity and there was disparity in timeliness. My sister moved nearer to my body which went still immediately the terrorizing agents succeeded in pulling me out of my body.

Was I dead?

She ran away screaming. I tried to call her and touch her but I was empty and nonexisting. To me reality was more vivid yet as intangible to touch as a bubble. I was wide awake in a surreal world.
We passed through the dark blue painted wall of my room and into another world like in a time warp.

* * *

I felt a sticky hand tapped at my back, I felt pain like my flesh was pulled with the sticky palm. I looked up and I saw a fearsome creature with three necks, the headless neck at the middle oozes dark, foamy blood, while the ones with head flanked it. The creature was eight-foot tall, with tooth-like nails and clawlike teeth.

“There’s no sleep for a dead soul!” He screamed.
I was in a room occupied by vivid darkness and I could smell death caressing my nasals; very offensive!
Fear was so real it crawled up and down my spine and then spirally along my gut.

The creature looked very angry, both faces, it raised up a spike and swung at my head sending it away from my neck and it bounced off the wall, down the floor before it balanced on the creature’s headless neck. My head laughed at my headless self- now oozing with blood. It was from the blood it seemed I existed and as it drained off I went into oblivion, but that was after my head, taking in the creature’s voice, and a smile not definitely mine had said.

“Welcome to hell!”

* * *

Suddenly, I found myself hanging on a cliff, below was a dark pit where thick sulfur smoke emanated from. There were no auxiliary body of rocks that I could use as a support to climb back up. Each time I struggled and lifted my weight, I slipped back down only holding on with my ten digits. After mustering all the stunts I could, I was able to get to the top of the cliff.
While up the cliff, there was no way out, even though a light shone and a pathway, but it will take only a crawling creature to even brave up to attempt the slippery rock that formed a roof above and wall around me.
Then I heard a voice; it teased me, and the emanating smoke from the dark pit below formed a dark, smug face. It laughed horribly at me and before it a black book suddenly appeared.

“This is the book of death, and your name is engraved with claws!” He bellowed in a rage that sent chills down my spine.

“You are guilty of the seven deadly sins! A proud look!”

Immediately he finished reading from the book, a leaf tore away from the center, and it flew up in the air, and in a flicker of time, the edges became wings and it transformed into a black crow. The bird hovered over me, surveying me, judging me.

“Me?” I thought, “proud look? I was even given an award for being the most humble employee at work…yaaaaayyyyy!!!” I screamed as the bird perched on me and plucked out my two eyes.

He continued reading “a lying tongue!” and another leaf tore from the book and the bird it turned into came by to perch and feed on my flesh.

“I no go lie again o….I’m sorry!” I screamed.

So he continued- a hand that shed innocent blood, and I thought that might have happened in my heart for I couldn’t hurt a fly, as if reading my thought, the ‘lying-tongue’ crow pecked at my tongue and pulled it out, and all my groanings became voiceless. In all, seven crows fed on me as he recounted my sins.

Then a light shone, so much it filled the socket of my eyes- and then I could see.
A big white book appeared and a voice accompanied it saying

“This is the book of life. Your sins have been blotted out, however grave they might have been. He would not look to see your soul perish in here. He came in here and hath delivered you from the power of darkness and hath translated you into the kingdom of His dear Son.”

At once, seven leaves tore away from the book of life, edges turning into wings and transforming into doves. The doves lifted me up, three lined each of my arm while the seventh one hovered over my head. They lifted me up effortlessly from the abyss in a celestial fashion through a glorious procession, and as I made an ascension into the light above- the illumination healed the flesh of my soul that the crow had fed on. A voice echoed:

“He is risen!”

* * *
I woke up to see a crowd of mourners running helter skelter.

Though my ears and nose were stuffed with wools, my eyes could see the miracle, and the sense of joy that flowed under my skin gave a feeling my mouth will surely report.

” I was dead, now I’m alive!”

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