A Vividly life story

I had a tremendous time with my father in the village of aporanga where people cultivate land for farming, it was unfortunately that my father was among the village elders and I was so excited about it thinking that during the time of cultivation the entire people of the village will come and help my father in the farm for the position he was but it wasn’t so, I was grieved when the incident happened in such a way that I worked with my father spontaneously throughout the week and my father was impressed and feel happy about me that I’m not lazy like I used to be before, now the planting of crops and rearing of animals known as agriculture was about to start when my father said jimoh we are going to plant our crops in a moist area that will encourage the crops so that we can harvest our crops before others in the community.
It was early in the morning, when the dew fell on the grasses and it was not easy for us to passed until when we finally dried up the small droplet of water from the grasses, but when we got to the farm and my father showed me where I’m going to work and I was inquisitive to work in that mish-mash area covering with stubborn grasses and water, but I could not tell my father that I am not eager to do the job but I worked a little and lie to my father that I was stung by a bee where he asked me to work, I was astonished about the reaction of my father how he looks for a solution and took care of me, I was happy with him despite that I lied to him.
In two weeks time when I could no longer forbear the suffering and the situation we are then I told my father that I am going to the city to look for a job, but he said, what kind of job are you going to do in the city to survive, then I coos and told him that God will take care of me and that was how I dismissed from his presence and went inside and prepared for the journey, I suffered when I’m on my way going to the city where I knew nobody, but despite the suffering God make a way.
I was under a mango tree relaxing when a man coming from the farm saw me and said, my dear what are you doing here in this mid-night? I’m going to the city I replied, but he asked me again and said where are your parents? and I answered and said they are in the village suffering and I don’t want to suffer like them in the future sir, that’s why I wanted to come to the city if I can get a petty work to manage so that my family and I can survived , but he said unto me, follow me to my house, I obeyed him, peradventure I have nowhere to live if I go to the city and I said within my mind that this is a privilege that I’m going to live in a city.
On the second day that I got to the city, I was in this man house where I was thinking about my mum and dad when I was chewing meat voraciously behaving like a village boy, then the man came to where i was eating and said my son, i know you have suffered a lot but can you briefly tell me your biography? then i narrated everything to him.
On the sixth day, during the resumption day at new creation nursery and primary school where i was admitted into basic one and i felt excited about myself putting on thesame uniform with everybody, what an enormous day is this i said to myself, in the period of class activities i discovered that i was good in yoruba due to the village i came from and poor in others subjects but my teacher showed her likeness towards me through her encouragement and i came out with good grade at the end of the year and proceeded to one of the prestigious high school in Ado Ekiti named christ school where i graduated with good result on West African examination council (WAEC), where i wrote jamb and got admitted into federal university of oye ekiti to study civil engineering as a profession.

3 thoughts on “A Vividly life story” by lasisi ojo samuel (@Ojo3455)

  1. mojisola olajummy (@mjeezyfone)

    There are issues with punctuation and the narration was poor. Also, the story was rushed especially at the end. More vivid descriptions would have been made to add spice to the story, also write in such a way to carry your readers along.

  2. lasisi ojo samuel (@Ojo3455)

    anyway thanks for the correction

  3. Dunmade Dee (@Deexxo)

    Good news
    Really nice story , the story is there
    Even better, you can work on it, I’m sorry I wasn’t quite flowing with your write up, the grammar wasn’t so good.
    You have a mind that’s ready to create,
    Go forth and create amazing stuff
    Also, try not to rush your ending next time

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