Unforgivable Sin- Part 2

“Mama!!!” Kemi went down quickly. She couldn’t believe her eyes. “Mama!” She cried while the crowd shook their heads in pity, and most of them were talking quietly.


“That’s her daughter i quess.”


Kemi cried. “W..what happened to her?” She asked absently.

“She was hit by a car when crossing the road.” A young woman quickly said.

“The car didn’t wait.” Another said.

“It was her fault.”

“She didn’t look when crossing.”

“Is she your mother?”

With so much tears,  Kemi dialed Olu’s number with shaking hands. There was no answer from the other end of the cell phone. She dialed again, again, and again, still there was no response.  Kemi stared at the crowd and back to the old dead woman, and sob some few sobs before dialing 112. She explained into the phone, and few minutes later an ambulance came to take the body of Olu’s mother, to the mortuary.

Kemi went home weeping. As she opened the front door into the sitting room, Olu was there relaxing with a bottle of beer. “See What you have caused.” Kemi said and dropped into the chair.  “Olu you’ve killed your mother.” The tears she knew earlier came back, and slipped down her cheeks.

“Look woman,” Olu said, “you better stop that nonsense and go to your room.”

Kemi couldn’t hold her tears. “Olu mama is dead.”

Olu raised up from the chair at once. “What do you mean? Who is dead?” His eyes widened. “Kemi.”

“Mama is dead.” Kemi cried bitterly. “She was hit by a car.”

Olu stood staring at his crying wife for a very long moment. He let out an explosive breath and smacked his arm against the wall. “Shit.” He sat down slowly and leaned his head against the chair. What’s my business anyway, he thought. If that’s what she got from the evil she had done, it’s for my own good. Now that the witch is dead, it’s time for me to raise again. Olu smiled to himself and pulled himself up from the chair, heading  for his bedroom.

Few days had gone by, Olu had refused to bury his mother. Kemi tried her best to convince him, instead, he gets drunk everyday.  Kemi couldn’t bear it. She couldn’t ignore  her mother-in-law’s body in the mortuary. Then, she decided to call her husband’s relatives.

The following morning, two elderly men came from the village. “What is this that I’m hearing?” Olu’s uncle said while Olu pulled his gaze away, staring at the ceiling. “You accused your mother of witch craft and sent her out of your house. Olu? And she was hit by a runaway car, dead and you sat down here drinking.” His voice was harsh

“What you’ve done is very bad.” The other man said. “You’ve killed your own mother.”

“I didn’t kill anybody.” Olu said. “She reaped what she had sowed.”

“Keep your mouth shut.” His uncle said angrily. “You’re a bastard. You sent your mother out of your house to be killed and you’re here telling us she reaped what she had sowed?” The old man got to his feet. “You’re a disappointment to the whole family.”

“Enough uncle.” Olu said. “How could my own mother be doing evil against me. Tell me uncle? And you expect me to sit down here and be watching? living with a witch?”

“How did you know she’s a witch?” His uncle asked.  “Olu?”

“I’m not a baby.” Olu said. “I know what i know and that’s what she is.” He pulled his gaze toward the wall. “I’d lost everything. My business had crumbled, and now I’m into debt.” He met his uncle’s gaze. “You want me to fold my arms and be watching?” He shook his head. “No way.”

The two elderly men shook their heads. “I’m really disappointed.” His uncle said. “Even if there is such, you should have called the family and let us talk it out, instead of sending her out of your house.” The old man paused for  few seconds, gathering his thought. “I don’t have much to say right now, until you bring you mother home for burial.”

Olu got to his feet. “No way uncle. “If you want your sister to be buried, go to the mortuary and take her body with you to the village.”


“Uncle I mean it, and nothing can change my mind.” Olu said, walking out of the sitting.

His uncle got to his feet. “Olu? Olu come back here.”





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