My True Love (1)

Dedicated to our Army/Military men.
You are in our hearts, just as much as we are in yours.

His eyes are a golden brown that gets darkened in the throes of passion. His lips are full and so tempting, I don’t waste any time getting acquainted with them whenever we are alone.
His fair skin, darkened by his very manly hairs.

Oh! I love him.

I can see all that, almost feel them as I read his recent letter to me. His unit was told to abort a mission and was given a standing order to return to home base until further notice, which means he’ll be coming home… me.

Home. Where he belongs.

I remember the first time I saw him, he had been teasing someone I would later know to be part of his unit and the poor guy was already red in the face while his other batch mates laughed at him.
I remember thinking what a cruel person he was. Didn’t he see the poor guy was humiliated enough. I don’t remember how long I stood at the mall watching him while my friends talked about the type of cream one of us should get.

I remember the moment he looked at me. The feeling that passed through me, like current. I swear, I shuddered visibly right there and immediately looked away, pretending interest at whatever my friends where dealing with at that moment.
I remember he didn’t look away from me and when he moved away from his friends towards me, I remember grabbing the basket my friend- closest to my side, was holding and moved away like I was chased.

“Mira, where are you going?” They asked me. I don’t remember replying.

When I found myself in the assorted biscuits section, I knew I’d gone far from them and was silently cursing myself. What had gotten over me? I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me. To think I’d gone away so he wouldn’t come for me. What was I thinking? That he would come for me? I didn’t even want him to.
I remember being so confused at the conflicted way I was feeling.


A deep voice just behind me. I remember not moving, I just stood frozen in that spot. I hadn’t seen him, but I knew he was the one. How did I know?

“Are you going to keep staring at it like you’ve been doing since you walked in here?” I knew he was teasing me like he’d done to that guy, unlike the guy, I woudn’t stand for it.

I remember picking the biscuit, not really caring what it was. I wasn’t a biscuit person.

“Unlike some people, I actually came here to shop rather than stalk, gawk and be a nuisance in my environment.” I replied harshly, turning to face him and then I was truly blown away.

His eyes caught me first and I remember him standing so close, a smirk on his face like he knew the reaction he was having on me despite my words to him.
I remember turning away from him and seeing my friends standing few metres away from us, just watching.
I remember picking more biscuits before leaving to join my friends. I remember his hand stopping me and turning me around to face him.
I remember raising a brow and trying to stare him down and him, just smiling. His brow also raised, imitating mine.

“So you like maryland biscuit?” He asked. I didn’t reply. I didn’t even know that was the biscuit I picked. Good choice then, as my sisters loved it.

“So do I. Especially the chocolate chip flavour.” He said, not bothered that I didn’t answer him.

“If you are finished having a conversation with yourself, I advise that you let go of my arm.” I said to him.

I remember the look he gave me before releasing me, it didn’t stop me from throwing a biscuit at him when I was far from his grip, which he caught deftly. This time he grinned at me.

I remember the shocked expression on the faces of my friends as I reached them. I didn’t wait to hear what they had to say, I simply dragged them to the counter, where we paid and not once did I look back to see if he was still there.

I remember him telling me that, that was when he knew he had to see me again.

I guess we were really meant to be, because the trouble I gave him was enough to push away the most determined. But he’d stayed and fought for me and eventually won me over.

I remember thinking that, that would be the last I would see of him, little did I know it was just the beginning.
My true love…

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  1. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    What a beautiful piece, i enjoyed every line i read…i like love stories of this sort.

  2. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Thank you Mayree.

  3. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    Simply romantic@vanessa

  4. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Thanks Adanna!

  5. Chandelier (@Chandelier)

    Very lovely piece. I had a huge grin on my face reading this. I tried not to smile but I couldn’t help it. Good job!

  6. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    Thank you, Chandelier.

  7. gee dee (@GoldDebbie)

    I can’t stop smiling..

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