The Work Of God

There was a woman whose name is Mr.John, he has a wife named Mrs.Morenike but she always make his husband happy when he seems sad and annoyed , moreover she gave birth to a child and how those it happened, please watch out!
Mr.john: how are my dear?
Mrs morenike : I’m fine, I hope there is no problem?
Mr john : please if there is problem will I called you dear.
Mrs morenike: my husband
Mrs john yes!
Mrs morenike: dear why are too harsh and sonorous, but I was just asking you that question not that we are quarrelling and please don’t be annoyed if I offended you in any way
Mr john: not at all, you didn’t offended me! But what’s on mind is beyond my imagination, because I always think maybe God didn’t created us well.
Mrs morenike: sir don’t ever talk to God like that because you are not God that bear the fruit of the womb, so be calm and I believed God is going to surprised us.
Mr john: amen o, but how long will that be?
Mrs morenike: very soon, by God grace
Mr john: okay I believed too, so what did you cook for me?
Mrs morenike: I cooked rice and plantain
Mr john: wao! What a delicious food, even though before I entered, I already perceived the aroma of the meal
Mrs john morenike: it’s okay dear, so can I dish your food for you now?
Mr john: yes dear, because I’m hungry seriously.
After the meal they both went inside and sleep
3 months later
Mrs morenike: hello dear, I have a gist for you, but before I tell you, you have to guess first.
Mr john: I know you have prepared another delicious meal
Mrs morenike: No! dear guess one more time
Mr john: Ehmmm yes! You have won a lot of money on who want to be a millionaire
Mrs morenike: No dear, the doctor said I have two month pregnancy!
Mr john: what! That’s great, now I know that there is God in heaven, please God forgive all my iniquity both in the past and presently
Mrs john morenike: it’s okay dear, so how we gonna celebrate it now?
Mr john : you have started speaking American English now, isn’t it?
Mrs morenike: hahaha! Dear you are so funny,
Mr john: funny indeed!
Mrs morenike: dear do you know why?
Mr john: dear why?
Mrs morenike: you have started calling me mummy, but it’s not yet now?
Mr john: do you know why I called you mummy, it’s because I know very soon you are going to give birth to twins
Mrs morenike: hahaha! Dear you must be joking, or do you want to kill me?
Mr john: I know God will do it, because he is the care taker, or have you forgotten the bible says “Even when you in you mummy stomach{twins} I knew thee” so dear be patient
Mrs morenike: okay o
9 months later
Mr and mrs john gave birth to a bouncing baby boy after twelve years wedding and in the next eight years the child named Bolu has grow older.
Mr john: Bolu! Bolu!! Bolu!!!
Bolu: yes sir!!!
Mr john: bring my food for me
Bolu: okay sir, but!
Mr john: but what? Go into the kitchen and bring my food.
Mrs morenike: what’s wrong I hope there’s no problem?
Bolu: No ma, I was trying to ask dad a question about my forthcoming birthday but he refused to listen.
Mrs morenike: my son, be patient eeh, God will provide for us, and I’m going to surprised you, okay!
Bolu: okay ma,
15 years later
Mr and mrs john were seeking for the fruit of the womb again, but peradventure they were unable to give birth anymore.
Mr john: hello dear, do you know I am feed up with all these problems.
Mrs morenike: dear never blame God, at least some people out there had no child, no food and no family, but for us we have all these things, and so why are we worried?
Mr john: Okay ooo, I pray God should take care of this one.
Mrs morenike: amen oooo
6 years later
became a medical doctor and he came to the village and took his parents to London for a visit.
Mr john: my dear son, may God bless you and protect you for us.
Mrs morenike: Amen ooo, dear didn’t I told you then, that we should never blame God and beside we are not that rich, but now we are rich God said he will perfect all that concerneth us, so dear my question is that, did God not fulfilled his promises
Mr john: yes he did, infact I am so grateful, and I am going to serve God with the rest of my life.
Mrs morenike: And me too.
LESSON: Never blame God, but you rather put your trust in him, because he failed not and he is willing to grant us all our request.

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  1. Vanessa's writings (@Vanessa)

    I wasn’t going to comment but guy seriously, I hail o(in a good way).
    We got the lesson but the story was jumbled, names should be in capital letters e.t.c. Next time just try and go over your work, if you edit ten times after typing, it’s nobody’s business but yours. So take time, arrange your work. No one’s perfect and we are all learning. More grease to your elbow!

  2. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    @vanessa took the words right out of my mouth. it’s a good story but the presentation would have been much better if attention was paid to dialogue arrangement and grammar.

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