Short Story: “Ralia The Sugar Girl” (Chapter 2)

Sitting on the bank of river Amo I cried, if the river hadn’t been filled to the brink, my tears would have done that. I never noticed the sun had gone down hours ago, I just cried.

“It’s time for you to go home !” I jumped at the voice behind me, almost falling into the river as I turned sharply, the figure looked like Femi, “Femi ?” I asked scared to death,

“No” the figure answered with great difficulty.

“Who are you !?” I shouted back, I put a foot into the river, ready to dive in if the stranger ever took a step, as if reading my mind he stretched a hand forward “Am not going to hurt you” and moved back to give a fare amount of space between us, “My name is Michael” he said, as if sensing my change in heart he came closer. “Am a friend of your fathers” he continued, and that got him the attention he craved for.

“What about my father ?” I asked.

“Your father sent me here to protect you” he walked into the light of the moon, I held my breath, no I wasn’t ready to dive into the river, I held my breath because of the beauty standing in front of me, he has a body like rock, a blue eye, and other black, a calm and rugged looking face. An angel ?, my heart just won’t stop beating fast.

“You knew my father ?” I tried to prompt calmly, but my voice is as shaky as a leaf.

“Yes” he answered, his sweet voice telling me he wasn’t telling lies.”Am sorry about your lose”, I should be grieved but his voice calm and sweet, made it sound like a congratulations.

“Am I in any danger ?”, I was happy to hear my voice back to normal.

“None at the moment” I could sense a hint of over confidence in his word, “But first I have to get you home”, I know its stupid to trust a complete stranger so fast, but the way he spoke made me feel have known him for years.

I couldn’t look away from him as we walked side by side to my home, I didn’t hear a thing he said, apart from the times he made mention of Letter and Clues. Basically I was concentrated on his beauty not his talk.

“Do you have them ?” Michael burst into my room out of breath, I replied with a nod, “Go out through the window” he nudge me, I had barely touched the ground than he started pulling me towards the woods behind our house, I wanted to ask him a lot of questions but the look on his face, and the sound of footsteps rushing towards us changed my mind, we hid behind a giant Oak tree, silent as the night.

First there were touches, then voices, then that utterly familiar voice “Spread out, and find her, she knows something”, that voice where did I hear it from?

“Eze Nunu !” the words crept from my mind to my mouth.

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