Sex On The Couch


With A Bang!

Amelia lay quietly on the centre couch, the one facing the new LCD Plasma TV Jordan bought her for the new year. Staring at the television made her miss her boo much. The usual Lagos evening traffic was the reason for his delay.

Brrrh! Brrrh! Brrh! Rang the door bell.

Amelia sprang up, towards the door she moved to unlocked it, and welcome her boo, with a permanent smile slapped to her mouth. As she opened the door, the face she recognized wasn’t the one she was expecting.

Amelia hissed, and turned to walk away, but he held her hand, and drew her back towards him. They were shag partners, with a lot of close up times. They weren’t friends, but they had benefits, but this was the wrong time to exercise those benefits.

‘My boyfriend is on his way here Boni, there’s no way we are shagging now’, Amelia voiced openly to a non-concerned Boniface.

‘I’m in the mood baby, and I want it now’, he said, approaching her erogenous zone with reckless abandon, causing her defences to weaken with each successful caress.

The sensations turned to pumps for multiple adrenaline rush, causing her to jack on to him, wrapping her legs round his buttocks. The natural thing that came next was dishing out sonorous bouts of kisses to his cheeks, and lips, blow about blow.

They end up on the couch, where she initially lay, and with the woman on top, they begin to grind, pound after pound.

Boniface flips her over, and begins to pound her ferociously. Bang after bang, with each one been a hit that sends her to and fro heaven in microseconds.

The consciousness of the wrong she was committing was an addictive that compounded the pleasure she was feeling. She received each stroke of his might, as though it was the last, until the last came, and shook her.

Boniface rolled away, smiling at Amelia as he did. She smiled in return. They both stare at his attention, and they begin to laugh.

Gbam! Gbam! Gbam! Gbam! The sound at the door increased ferociously.

‘It’s my boyfriend’, Amelia whispered, to the hearing of Boniface, who pops up searching impulsively for his trouser. He actually thought Amelia was teasing him when she said her boyfriend was on his way. His resolve to hurry out through the window, wasn’t that he was afraid of anyone, he just wanted things to remain as perfect as they are, with Amelia happy and dependent on her boyfriend, and he the neighbor who takes up all the true benefits, ever available. He was fully dressed now, and headed for the exit. Amelia approaches him, ‘I’ll come as soon as he leaves’, she said, and plants a kiss on his lips.

Amelia, who’s adjusted now, rushes to the door. ‘Baby, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting’, she said to a visibly distraught Jordan. He loved her too much to be angry at her for whatsoever reason. Amelia plants kisses on his lips, which causes him to cheer up. Still at the entrance to the house, he hands over, the full bag of groceries he bought for her on his way here from Shoprite, Ikeja.

She pulls him with her, to the couch, where a lot has happened today, and begin unboxing her gift. She sees a lot of items that she loves, and her joy is visible. She turns to look at Jordan, who’s lying on his back, staring at his beautiful girlfriend, who he hopes to marry someday. She says to him, ‘I’m going to spoil you silly today baby’, and she approaches him seductively, to start the deed.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Lights out.

7 thoughts on “Sex On The Couch” by Arinze Talius Dike (@talius)

  1. well done, awaiting the next episode.

  2. She shar cannot eat her cake and have it
    The fates will come to collect that which she owes them when they’re ready
    Keep writing tho!
    Thumbs up

  3. Well… welll… err. It was ok. Awaiting the next episode.


  4. Thanks for reading @emmyfrostyemmyfrosty

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