Love Unending

“He’s so handsome” I thought to myself as I looked across the room to the object of my fascination, I could simply walk over to say hi, but then, I was never known for being daring. Turning around to go search for my bestfriend and confidant, ‘the birthday girl’, I hoped and prayed that my path doesn’t cross his,although that’s almost impossible considering the megear number of people in the party which was my idea… one I seriously regreted right now
“hmmmmp”, I collided with a guy and got the glassful he was holding all over my chest. Looking up I noticed the guy was dazed, I must have hit him in the head with my flaying arms
“Jesus!, Oh my God!, im so so sorry” I kept ranting and looked up to see the party had stopped and all eyes were on me.. I was so embarrassed, but of all the stares, the only one that gave me goose bumps was form thst side of the room and I knew i was going to find his eyes on me, I sure did… looking into the eyes of Tade Lawrence.

Chapter 1
“I’d still rather a small party of just friends and… yea I know you love parties, but why go all out, you had the party of all parties when you turned twenty-one, ok, ok…Shit!!!, lemme call you back, my food is burning.
Dropping the phone on the counter without checking to see if Tomi disconnected the call or not, I quickly rushed into action to save my yam from getting totally burnt and possibly prevent a fire outbreak, I turned the knob to turn off the gas cooker. I had been so engrossed in the movie I was sef before Tomi called and I just totally forgot I was cooking. I hope thst girl doesn’t get me into trouble one day

2 thoughts on “Love Unending” by Thatcher (@ThatcherMargaret)

  1. Like really? This is really short, there were a few typos too….And the ending? Abrupt…and sincerely not good…I believe there’s a mistake somewhere and this isn’t what you intended…
    Looking forward to the next..

    1. Thatcher (@ThatcherMargaret)

      Hi praise, thanks for commenting. I knew there were going to be typos, I assure you it’s not because I can’t do better but cos I do the typing and editing on my phone as my laptop has been stolen. I didn’t want that to deter me but I promise I’ll try harder to make it better. Thank you

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