Love And The Pretender

The man once told the  lady that he loved her, and his confession caused the ignition of the love she eventually had for him. With him, the world stood still. A love that could lead to a union, maybe a child or three. So she lived for him, putting away most that would make her her and wearing the cloak of maturity, the shoes of a married woman to-be.

Not all that was her was gone though, she still kept some fun, some laughter that would ease the tension between the lady, the man and the frustration that tagged along when both lady and man fed off the hands of strangers. Once every while,  they would dance, and in the rare hours that they shared a laugh, she would hold him close, close enough to whisper into his ears that she loved him even more than he loved her.

Each day he would leave in search of the life they both had planned for each other. Each night he would return, sad and more angry and she would hold him close, enough to smell the marriage of his sweat and his manly Cologne.

And so it was, that they lived each day in the hope that one day, a miracle would happen. They prayed and hoped and stood by each other and she loved him the more.

The man jerks, he lets out a moan and fills her with his seed again, as he had done the night before and the night before that night. She faces the other way, her buttocks touching his groin. He wraps his arm around her, cupping her full breasts and inhaling the subtle scent of her perfume – he thinks it smells like fresh roses. He whispers words in her ear but she doesn’t hear. He kisses her and she doesn’t respond, she falls asleep or at least does a good job of pretending to.

He knows she would one day say the words to him again, she would sooner tell him that she loves him, more than he loves her. He understands her. Not every woman would stay happy after three years. He understands that plans sometimes fail or delay and he knows that she will understand too. This one will eventually make her smile, this one will produce a child. He smiles, he hopes, then he pulls her closer and shuts his eyes.

One thought on “Love And The Pretender” by Aidee Erhime (@erimzy)

  1. I hope that one day eventually comes too…short and beautiful piece it is.

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