Diligence 2


Diligence: From a boy to a man (Conclusion)

I arrived school, and wasted no time in seeking those willing to join my crusade; those who wanted to write history with me in our own little way.

The church was to have her harvest two weeks after our resumption, and we wanted to showcase what we had to offer. In all my life I haven’t seen so few people wanting to do amazing work together.

We didn’t rehearse much, but we put in our best.

On the day of the harvest, at the time slated for us to perform, we left an indelible mark on the lips of almost everyone present in the church auditorium, and premise, we were given an applause that could make a deaf man hear, and I was challenged. Challenged to do more.

To learn, one needs to step out of his/her comfort zone, and this I did when I decided to join the catholic choir situated in my hostel to sing for the Carol of 9 lessons service. I proceeded to embark on something new, unheard of, and dangerous, as some people termed it.

Music is a universal sound; it is the same everywhere.

I enrolled, showed great commitment, and the resolve to learn more.

They all assumed I’m a Catholic, as I used to be active in that church during my first year in school. That was my big secret, and to some extent still is.

The Carol service was a hit, and I’ve been enrolled further by the choir leaders to continue in various capacities, all for the growth of the choir, for the love of music.

The moral of this story is, you can be whatever you want to be, the key is to be diligent, believe me, you will turn out successful.

Thanks for reading, and sharing in my story.

NB: This was typed on the 28th of Feb, 2016

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